Thursday, January 26, 2012

Randumosity and Zen-Full Creations- Review and Giveaway!!

About Randumosity:
Jami is the WAHM behind Randumosity. She has been happily married for 12 years, and raised her 21 year old step-daughter. In 2005 her husband had an accident that left him permanently disabled. Their family began trying to save money wherever possible (which fit in with her efforts to become more green). Jami and her step-daughter began to do research on Mama cloth and decided to make their own. They tweaked their designs (and still do) until they came up with the perfect Mama cloth. Jami decided to list a few online, and from their Randumosity was born!
Jami loves being able to work from home and do what she loves every day. She says it has been a blessing to be at home with her husband throughout his recovery.

About Zen-Full Creations:
Megan is the WAHM behind Zen-full Creation. She is the mother of two boys. Her obsession for natural products began about four years ago when she started working at a family owned Health Food store. This made her realize how chemically contaminated the products she had previously used were. After working there she vowed to change that. She had a job she absolutely loved- teaching people how to get rid of those harsh products and replae them with more health conscious items. Jami (from Randumosity) opened her eyes to the world of “handmade products”. A few years ago Megan ventured into jewelery making, and says “It did not turn out so well” . She had given up on being crafty until one day when she ran out of Laundry detergent and was short on cash. She then decided to look up a recipe and begin making her own. She then altered the recipe to fit her needs. As a mother of two boys she needed a detergent that was going to tackle some pretty serious messes. She realized that she had made a rocking detergent. It made her boys clothes look like new, and took out set in stains better than the expensive brands. Once she had tackled her laundry detergent she decided to move on to lotions. She then created the Beeswax Lotion which keeps your skin so smooth- even the next day. She tests all of her produts on her family and friends for approval before it goes out to any customers. One day Jami had a the idea to join forces. She thought that Megan should work on a laundry soap specifically for her Mama Cloth. It is formulated to battle the tough stains, and keep them fresh. This is when they created the Mama Cloth pack.
Zen- full Creations is for anyone looking to make the change from chemicals to the natural home and body care products. At a fare price , of course.
“We started Green , lets stay Green!”

What I thought:
I reviewed two liners (one 7.5 inch and one 10 inch), One bag of Mama Cloth Soak, and one bag of Natural Mama Cloth Laundry wash.
I have wanted to try Mama Cloth for a very long time. I was also iffy about it. Until cloth diapering I did not even know that such a thing existed, and at first- honestly- it creeped me out a bit. After cloth diapering for a few months I realized how many benefits there are to cloth in general. Besides saving money and the environment Zoey's skin got clearer. She seemed more comfortable, and they did not smell. I started wondering if I could experience these things by switching to Mama Cloth. I tested two liners (Pregnant so I cant test Pads for you) and I really really like them. My mind has been completely changed. I am much more comfortable. They are super easy to use, and they don’t smell like disposable pads/ liners do. Since they are less porous than disposable liners they were so sooo much more comfortable. I will be buying a stash before the arrival of baby bean!!
Also the detergent and soaking bits also worked super well. The detergent has a really fresh scent, and was super easy to use. I used the soaking bits in an old wipes case in my bathroom and just placed the used liners in the container. I can only imagine how much money I will save!!

How to order:
You can find Randumosity's FB page HERE.
You can find Randumosity's website HERE.
You can find Zen-Full Creations FB page HERE.

Up for giveaway:
One care set- include one regular pad, soak bits, and sample of washing powder.

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