Friday, February 3, 2012

Boo Rad Lee Clothing- Review

About Boo Rad Lee Clothing:
Brad and Jennifer are the couple behind Boo Rad Lee Clothing. They have a (almost) 14 month old little boy who inspired nearly all of their designs. Brad designs everything and Jennifer helps him edit and get ready to print. They were disappointed with the "funny" onesies that they found in the stores. They just were not very funny to them, so as Brad would come up with an idea he would jot it down. One of the first ones he came up with was "My Bad, Were You Sleeping?". As he thought of more he showed them to his wife who laughed at most of them, and then suggested that he thinks about selling them. They decided to do a small sale through Zulily and sold out of all of their merchandise. Brad and Jennifer took that as a sign to continue. Today there are thousands of babies wearing clothing they designed!

Their favorite designs tend to be the ones that are not nevessarily their top sellers. Brad is partial to "I Think Daddy Bugged My Room" because he says it is smart AND funny-- Not easy to find that combo in baby clothes.
Brad and Jennifer are not new to successful business startups. The IC Artist Agency is a college booking agency they started that focuses on finding the absolute best bands for reasonable fees. Colleges and Universities from all around the country bring in their acts. They are former musicians, and still make music at home for fun (some of which has been licensed in various videos for brands such as Roxy, Quicksilver, and even a Korean fashion designer). They try to bring that mentality to Boo Rad Lee Clothing. They both love being a part of something new and exciting, and of course something needed. (After all- What Momma doesn't love a funny onesie?)

What I thought:
We reviewed a "My Bad, Where You Sleeping" onesie. It could not have came at a better time! Right after it arrived Zoey began to get her first two teeth and there was little sleep in the Morrison Household. This shirt kept me laughing! We got it in Green with Pink lettering, in a size 6-12 months. The fit is great! Z is in a 6-9 month now, but that size is starting to get a bit snug. This fits perfectly, so I would say they run very true to size. They also did not shrink at all in the wash, and she has worn it at least three times, and it has been washed at least 4 times. The colors are perfect together, and the lettering looks great! I will be buying more onesie's from Boo Rad Lee Clothing, and I would definitely recommend them!

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