Friday, January 20, 2012

Eco Freak- Review and Giveaway

About Eco Freak:
Tasha is the Mom behind Eco Freak. She is the mother to three children- a 12 year old daughter, and two sons- 11 and 13 months. She is happily married to her High School sweetheart. Tasha is the sole workhorse behind her business with the exception of occasional help from her hubby. Tasha started out homesteading, and monitoring what her children ate when they were younger, and everything fell into place from there. Her family is blessed with the financial stability to allow her to stay home with her children. Her husband is in the military and they both have very "old-school" views on life.
Tasha really loves what she does! Her favorite things to make are designer dryer balls. She really enjoys playing with all the different colors. Her favorite product is the Arabian Spice soap. It is in her main bathroom, and has a beautiful aroma that fills the room.
The scents are endless!!

The Soap Making Process:

Final Soap Products:

Other Products:

What I Thought:

I reviewed a set of Eco Freak Dryer Balls. This was the first time I had ever used dryer balls, and I really liked them! I was concerned that they would make a lot of noise, and that they would be a pain to fish out of my laundry after each load. Neither one of those turned out to be any kind of a problem. They made absolutely no noise at all (which totally surprised me!) and they ended up on the bottom part of my dryer after each load. I loved not using any kind of fabric sheet, and best of all it cut down my drying time!! I have a terrible dryer. It was taking 2 60 minute cycles to dry our clothes (I know! We need to suck it up and buy a new one!) but while using the dryer balls it cut down the dryer time to 1 60 minute cycle and one 30 minute cycle. That should cut down the cost of our annual drying cost by 25%! I'll take that!

This is after almost 2 weeks of use:

You can order Eco Freak HERE.
You can find their FB page HERE.

Up for Giveaway:
Tasha is offering on Buck Naked Lip Balm to one lucky winner.

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