Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sweetheart Designs by Ute- Review and Giveaway!!

About Sweetheart Designs by Ute:
Ute is a very inspiring woman, and an amazing artist. She is from Germany (where her parents still live) and is happily married to her best friend and love of her life. They share a passion for motorcycles, and love to ride every chance they get. They love night-riding in their HD Heritage Classic. They have two fluffy/ Furry children- Rosy the Scotty, and Selena the cat. They spoil them rotten, and make sure they have all the love in the world.
Ute started making jewelry two years ago when she was playing around with an old bead stash she had. She brought a pair of earrings she had made into work to show her friends, and they liked them so well they wanted to buy them. She started selling them to friends and family and found that they were selling really well. She decided to start selling at markets, shows, and on Etsy. Ute loves to create custom orders. Most customers leave some room for her to get creative, and they are always pleased.
Ute sells a variety of lovely pieces such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and hair-sticks.

What I thought:
Ute sent me a fabulous one of a kind necklace to review. I love the vintage look of the necklace. I will be the first to admit that I am incredibly hard on necklaces. I always forget to take them off- resulting in me showering with them on, sleeping in them, and a 9 month old pulling at them all day. I have worn it for a week straight, and it looks just as perfect as the day day I took it out of the package. The beads (black and olivine and a Japanese tensha bead) are amazing. I love pieces that make a statement, and things that are one of a kind. This fabulous piece of art is both!

How you can order:
You can order from her facebook page HERE.
You can order from her Etsy page HERE.

Up for Giveaway:
Ute is giving away a fabulous pair of earrings to one very lucky winner!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bitty Boo Creations- Review and Giveaway!!

About Bitty Boo Creations:
Melissa is the WAHM behind Bitty Boo creations, and one of my great personal friends. She is incredibly hardworking, and caring, and all around an amazing person. She is married to an amazingly suportive husband. She has known him for about 13 years, then they started dating about 4 years ago. They have been happily married for two years now, making a wonderful family including herself, her hubby, and his two sons from a previous marriage, and now their son Aiden. Before they were blessed with Aiden Melissa was an insurance agent. After Aiden was born premature she could not leave his side. She decided to stay home with him, which she loves! The first year was rough (as he was premature) but she loved that she was their for everything. She did not miss a thing.
She started to get anxious, like she needed to do something besides keeping her home clean and entertaining her son, and wanted to find something that was hers and hers alone. She borrowed her mothers sewing machine, and started on some projects. She had not done much sewing in the past, but she was a natural. She made a sock-monkey for Aiden, and showed pictures to a few friends, and things started taking off from there. Soon enough she had friends asking her to make them for their children. She then purchased a hat pattern and made a hat for Aiden- Again, this resulted in a lot of friends asking for them. She found the pattern she is using now (for the hat, then a few separate ears- The rest she comes up with on her own)and loves it! She loves being able to create a hat from someones ideas. She started creating a bib for her Mother in laws store that will be a future Bitty Boo product. She is creating the bib from ideas she has gathered from other moms, which I think is an amazing thing! If anyone has any kind of ideas on a hat they would like designed Melissa is your go to! Every product she has made so far has been stunning, and I have yet to see something Mel couldn't do. She is not only an amazing friend, and an amazing Momma, but she is an amazing artist!

In her future she is planning on making booties and crib slippers, and I am sure she will come up with tons of other amazing products for all of our littles. As Mel says- She would rather do a few things and do them really well, then start with a lot of things that are only good. After all- Good just isn't good enough for our littles- Right?

What I thought:
Mel made and sent me a wonderfully PERFECT hat for Zoey. The had that she made has a clip so that I can put Zoey's bows on the hat. This is just perfect for us, because whenever it was cold we could not put her in on of her cute bows (which is a must have in this house!). I love being able to get the best of both worlds. Now she is warm and so cute with her big bows! The place to attach the bows will work for any Alligator style hair bow. I fell like this one hat takes the place of so many because with all of our bows it will match everything in her wardrobe. The possibilities are endless! Melissa asked for Zoey's head measurements just to be sure that the size (by months) she had would fit well, and it fits perfectly. It covers her ears great, and because it is made of a super-soft fleece it is the warmest hat she has (and fleece is water repellent if we ever get some snow). I cannot wait to order more hats and bibs from Melissa- Maybe next time a character hat?! I would highly recommend Melissa! She is amazing!

Up for Giveaway:
Melissa is giving away a hat of the winners choice!