Thursday, January 5, 2012

Monkey Rump Diapers- Review

About Monkey Rump Diapers:
Mary is the Mother behind Monkey Rump Diapers. She has been super sweet and incredibly easy to work with through the entire review process. Mary lives in Florida with her husband and 3 kids (son- 9,middle daughter- 6 and baby Z is 13m). Her husband is a police officer and a SWAT member. They also own a Crossfit gym. With the gym and her husband's crazy hours there is no way for her to work out of the home. She has been a SAHM for 3 years now. When she gave birth to baby Z she took a completely different route in her birth plan than with her older 2. She had baby Z 100% natural at a birthing center, with so much support from her midwives and she also began nursing for the first time with Baby Z. Cloth diapering kind of fell in place with her "new" outlook on parenting. At around 7 months Mary told her hubs that she wanted to give up sposies. Baby Z was getting horrible rashes from every diaper they tried and pricing was ridiculous for the "organic" ones. She has always been the crafty kind, so while researching cloth diapers she came across a few diaper patterns and decided to try to start making them herself. She made her a little stash and they jumped into Cloth diapering feet first. There was A LOT of trial and error. She decided to buy a couple of eBay diapers to see what they should be like. She hated those. She then found another reputable brand but the cost was outrageous. So at this point she decided to make her own. She started to create her own pattern with her husband's help (he's a dimension wizard!) and the first testers were done. Those did not do too well so back to the drawing board she went. A month later she was ready for round 2. She is truly happy with the outcome.
"I do this because I am honestly so very passionate about it. It makes me happy to see diapers. Actually to sew period."
She also makes baby Z's and her middle daughters clothes as well. She loves having the freedom to be at home with baby Z but also the ability to be a WAHM and help contribute with her families financial obligations.
"I have a big vision for Monkey Rump Diapers. I would like to expand across the world (big dreams) and become a household name!"

Monkey Rump diapers was founded in 2011 and is currently in Round two of testing. It is very important to Mary to make an excellent diaper. Good is simply not good enough for her. She wants a diaper that is perfect for every baby.

What I thought:
When I received Zoey's diaper in the mail I was blown away. It was so soft and so well made. I literally could not stop feeling the diaper. It is so luxuriously soft!! The outer insert, and the inside of the diaper is bamboo velour and I have never felt something so amazing before in my life! The outside was a supercute winter stretchy cotton print, and was also super soft. There are 2 snaps to adjust the rise of the diaper- which my skinny and tall Zoey wore on the smallest rise, but if I, for any reason needed to double stuff it I would put it on the next one. There are 12 snaps for the waist which Zoes were at 10. There is also one snap in the back for smaller babies. She has put elastic at the thigh area, and the back. Not only is the elastic placed at the perfect spots, but it is the perfect tightness. Its enough to keep the yuckies in, but doesnt leave a mark on Z's leg and back when I take it off.

There were also some difference in this diaper versus the traditional PUL pocket diapers I normally use. First of all this diaper does not have PUL so it does require a cover. At first I was thinking this would be a pain, but realistically, it works better than the rest of my diapers for this exact reason. I used mine with a Thirsties cover, and its a pair made in heaven. This is really opened my eyes to this style of diaper! Also the insert lays inside the diaper as apose to inside the pocket. The result- I do not have to put my hand inside the diaper and come up with a hand full of.... Yuckies. Not to mention the fact that this insert and inner part of the diaper is seriously soft... I know I have said this several times already, but I cannot stress that enough!! These differences were great!! They made for a better fitting and working diaper.

Now for the down and dirty (literally! haha) How it worked:
When I got the diaper in I emailed Mary to ask her how she normally prepped them. Again- I am used to a totally different kind of diaper. She recommended to wash and rinse twice, then dry. After the diaper was prepped and ready to rock I couldn't wait to get it on my Z!! At first I did not know that it didn't have PUL in it (hangs head in shame! I don't really have a good excuse for this? haha) So Z was rockin around the house without a cover. The awesome part is that it took a few hours to show the first sign of being a non- PUL diaper. After I realized how "special" I was the hubs put a Thirsties over it. It took a total of 4 and 1/2 hours to require a change. And according to my hubs that was his fault. Z is now crawling around like a ninja, and he forgot to adjust the rise on the Thirsties for this diaper as appose to our prefolds, so the rise of the Thirsties was a little lower than the actual diaper. If it was not for this she could have went a lot longer. I was SHOCKED at the amount of pee the diaper held! I also used this as an overnight diaper with a Thirsties cover. Zoey went to sleep at 8:00 and woke up that morning at 4:00 for a diaper and to feed. Same story that night- No leaks, but crazy full! I plan on using these as my night-time diapers with a wool cover. I was planning on doing this test for you too, but Zoey has gotten her first rash, and unfortunately it requires prescription cream, and a thorough stripping of all of her diapers.

Bottom line:
I will be using these every night, and hopefully more!! These are great diapers!


  1. Agreed!!! These are amazing diapers!!!

  2. Wow, I had never even considered that type of diaper; it just seemed like a pain to have two different diapers on, but I see now how that could be an advantage. I will have to take a look at that the next time I see you.

  3. Wait, what is the website/spot to order/check them out? If the price isn't too bad I might just order one to try out as an over night diaper, since I have a couple of thirsties covers from when I first started out with prefolds.