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Fluff n' Stuff Bowtique- Review and Giveaway

About Fluff n' Stuff Bowtique:
Jenny is the WAHM behind Fluff n' Stuff Bowtique. She was super easy to work with, and I can't wait to order from her again! Jenny has been happily married for 9 years. Her husband recently retired from the USAF and after that her family moved back to her home town. Jenny is the Mommy to four littles- 3 boys ages 9, 6, and 3 and 1 girl age 8 months. She also is the Mommy to four furry babes- 3 lab mixes and a jack terrier, 2 cats, and a turtle. Her family is her inspiration- Almost every item that she sells she has first made for her family. She loves the freedom of schedule that being a WAHM has allowed her. She likes being able to schedule her life around her family and not the other way around.
Jenny got started making bows for her daughter, and a few months later she and a friend got together to make bows and other goodies for a local craft show. They had so much fun during that craft show that they decided to create their own Facebook page/ shops. Her husband is even adding his own items to the shop! It is truly a family affair!
Jenny offers a lot of awesome products, and one of her favorite items to make are awareness items. She loves helping to raise awareness for ANY cause and she also donates money from each sale to help that cause! (ex: hats are $5.00. pay them $5 for the hat and give a $1 donation, your total to us is $6. They will take $2 of that and put toward the cause)
Her main goal for 2012 is to set up fund raisers every month or two to help special causes. She is starting to make coffee coats, sippy cup coats, and she is hoping to add place mats coasters and napkin rings, swiffer dust pads, and even more options for kids clothing. Her husband has started making earrings and other jewelry.

Price List:
Belts - $5.00 + Shipping
Toy / Paci Clips - $2.00 + Shipping
Mitten Clips - $6.00 + Shipping
Bows range from -$1.00 - $3.00 + Shipping
Wristie - $5.00
Single color - Child Hat- $5.00 + Shipping
Single color -Adult hat - $6.00 + Shipping
Scarf - $5.00 + Shipping
Single flower on clip - $1.50 + Shipping
Double flower on clip - $2.00 + Shipping
Tripple flower on clip - $2.50 + Shipping
Butterfly on clip - $2.00 + Shipping
1" head band- Child's - $2.00 + Shipping
1" Head band - Adult - $2.50 + Shipping
Single color booties - $3.00 + Shipping
Bib - $3.00 + Shipping
Wash cloth (6x6) - $2.00 + Shipping
Add a color - $0.75 each color
Dresses -
0 - 2T - $12.00 + Shipping
3T - 5 - $15.00 + Shipping
6 - Teen - $18.00 + Shipping
Pants / Longies / Leggings
0 - 2T - $7.00 + Shipping
3T - 5 - $9.00 + Shipping
6 - 9 - $11.00 + Shipping
Baby Blankets - $25.00 + Shipping
Couch throw - $40.00 + Shipping
Single color Bracelet - $5.00 + Shipping
2 color Bracelet - $6.00 + Shipping
Square key chain - $2.00 + Shipping
2 color Square key chain - $3.00 + Shipping
Flat key chain - $2.50 + Shipping
2 color Flat key chain - $3.00 + Shipping
1 color Zipper pull, set of 4 - $2.50+ Shipping
2 color Zipper pull, set of 4 - $3.00 + Shipping

What I thought:
I reviewed a pair of Crocheted pants. They are AWESOME! They are nice and tightly crocheted so they are super warm. They are also hands down the cutest pair of pants Z owns! (Which says a lot... She has so many clothes its ridiculous!!) I sent Z's measurements to Jenny and she made them and sent them out for me really quickly. We decided to go with sparkly pink and brown so that Z will be able to get plenty of wear out of them.

How they fit:
I loved the fact that I had no problem getting them over Z's cloth diaper! Normally I have to work pants over her diaper when they are a fitted style, but these slid on with ease! Definitely a plus for a squirmy baby. They have a tie waste too so that I can adjust them accordingly and she will be able to wear them for quite a while. Jenny also made them a few inches longer so that Z will be able to wear them as she grows. She is in a 6-9 month size clothing now, but I see these fitting her through 12m at least since she added the extra length and the waste is tied. I am all about getting extra wear out of her clothes! They are also QUALITY pants. They are really well made, and will not only fit her until 12 months (or longer) but they will last until then as well. Now I just need to order them in other colors (and maybe even a matching dress)!

These can (and have) been worn with onesies, t-shirts, dresses and tunics, and could be made in any color! These are perfect for boys and girls.

Up for Giveaway:
Jenny will make one custom pair of pants in any color for one lucky winner!

You can find her Facebook page here.

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