Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Comfy Joey- Review and Giveaway!!

About Comfy Joey:
Ayesha is the WAHM behind Comfy Joey. She is the Mother of four littles- 2 boys, and two girls. She and her husband are hoping to be blessed with one more child to complete their family. They have recently made a very big move to India. Ayesha and her husband are both originally from India, but have lived more than half of their life's outside India. Ayesha's husband is a consultant in the US and flies to Seattle for his job. Ayesha stays in India so that she can focus on her children and Comfy Joey. She loves that she can be a full time Mom to her children, and still do what she loves. Comfy Joey has become a great passion of hers. She loves her customers and considers them all friends. She hopes that her products make her customers as happy as they make her, and wants every customer to be a happy customer. She has been working on making amazing slings for almost 7 years, and has big dreams for the future.

Ayesha started Comfy Joey when her second child was only 3 months old. She was challenged by another WAHM to start her own line. She took on the challenge with the help of her hubby, and Comfy Joey has been blooming ever since. Comfy Joey started out focusing on pouch style slings. They were her favorite style sling in the beginning. Next her passion became the ring slings. Even though the pouches were a great hit she decided to move Comfy Joey into a different direction and started selling ring slings. Ayesha says she can only sell things she loves. If she is not passionate about it she can't sell it.
She hopes to reintroduce Comfy Joey customers to goodies from india such as Cashmere Carriers and Woolen Shawls in the future.

Comfy Joey slings are made in the USA by a wonderful WAHM- Jessica Trueman. She lives in Boise, Idaho with her husband and children.

**All of the pictures in this section (About Comfy Joey) were provided by their website found here.**

What I thought:
I can honestly say that I really LOVE this wrap.
There is nothing better than being able to be close to my daughter all the time. She loves to be worn, and I love the snuggle time more than anything in the world. If I could freeze moments I have shared with my baby bird in this sling I would share it with each of you. That would be the only real way to describe how I feel about this sling.
Since that is unfortunately not an option I am going to do my best to explain why I am so in love with my Comfy Joey (or as we in the Morrison household call it, Comfy Zoey)

I had been using a wrap from the very beginning. I loved to be close to Zoey, but there were a lot of set backs as well. She was always directly in front of me, breathing up my nose, and the last month or so (since she has discovered my face in pieces, not just as a whole) trying to see how far she could stretch my eyelid. As I am sure you can imagine this made a lot of tasks a lot harder.
When I got this sling in the mail I was so excited. I was so hopeful I was going to find a better way for me to cuddle with my baby. I had no idea just how amazing it was going to be. I watched a video sent with the wrap before I did anything. This showed me everything there is about slings. Different ways of wearing it, different positions, where the rings should be for optimum comfort, and more. After learning how to put it on I patiently (this word may be a slight stretch of truth... I watched the baby monitor waiting and waiting) waited for Zoey to wake up from her nap. When she woke up I put her in the sling, and she LOVED it!! This would be the part in the movies where the clouds part, and sun is shining so bright. She went from fussy, to cuddle monkey in a matter of seconds. This never happened with any other wraps I have tried. That day we snuggled in the sling for 5 hours while I made her baby food, and dinner. She napped in the sling, and woke up just as happy as she could be.

At this point I was thinking to myself, there has to be a catch. It is easier to put on (by a long-shot), baby bird loves it, its stylish and comfortable.... There has to be a “but” in there somewhere. But... there really isn't!
For one week I have not used anything else. We have left the car seat in the car (which we already did, its just more convenient not to carry her, but instead to wear her) We have not touched our stroller, and she goes with me almost everywhere. We made meals together and really used every opportunity we had to snuggle in our Comfy Joey. This one week has been the easiest week yet.

The places we went:
Grocery Store- Bending, and reaching is not a problem :)
Family Function- Everyone thought it was the pretties carrier they had ever seen
Michaels- I had two mothers come up to me separately to ask me who made the sling, and tell me it was beautiful, and they thought Zoey looked comfortable, and natural in it.
Joann's Fabric- I usually hate going here with Zoey. I don't go often, but when I do I usually end up with two carts full of stuff, and it takes at least three hours. The entire time Zoey was as happy as can be. Not one peep. (except to babble to whoever wanted to listen) Several people commented on the sling there as well.
And of course, while doing all housework.

I love my ring sling!!

Ordering Information:
You can get more info on Comfy Joey Products on their FB HERE.
You can order some goodies HERE.

Up for Giveaway:

One lucky winner will get a free ring sling. This does not include custom ring slings or conversions. If the winner would like a "Design your own Sling" they will get a $75 credit.

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  1. Makes me wanna have another baby! haha

  2. I am determined to get one of these before my LO arrives in August!

  3. And by August, I mean March/April. What a pregnant moment!

  4. Ohhhhh I would love to get one! I really like how the shoulder part looks so wide to distribute weight-is it padded? The sling I have is padded all over, which is nice, but makes it way too hot to use in the summer.

  5. Miche- it feels a little padded, and all of the fabric is stitched at the shoulder for durability and strength. Its super comfy! And Regina- We are expecting baby number two in July, and I say things like that all the time!! haha.

  6. thanks give the review and giveaway!