Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tator Tops- Review and Giveaway part 2!

About Tator Tops:

Ricki is the WAHM behind Tator Tops. She makes everthing needed for a nursing Mom. Ricki has been married for eight years to the man of her dreams, Chad. She has three gorgeous little girls, and has been blessed to be a stay at home mom and wife since getting married. She finds true joy in watching her girls grow. When Ricki and Chad first married Chad was in the military, and after two enlistments they made the decision to move back to his home town and become a firefighter.

After Ricki's second child she became very interested in breastfeeding. She then decided to start a career as a lactation counselor. She has been a certified lactation counselor since 2009. In 2010 after conceiving her thrid child she decided to create her first nursing cover. As a nursing mom herself she knew the importance of a good cover. She wanted to create the perfect cover. After trying many covers she knew what worked, and what did not work. She made many prototypes and finally created the perfect cover. This is when Ricki decided this is what she wanted to do. She loves taking beautiful fabrics and making a gorgeous nursing cover, breast pads, or burp clothes. She has created everything through trial and error, and has found what works best for her in every product.

What I thought:
I reviewed several items from the Tator Tops store-  Breast pads, a Nursing Cover, and a burp cloth.  As you might know I reviewed a burp cloth a while back and LOVED them.  They are luxuriously soft and so stylish! I love having a matching set for when we go out and about.  The cover is amazing!  I have another brand of a cover that was purchased at my local baby super-center... It was $15 more expensive than my Tator Tops cover, and not nearly as functional or stylish.  I have found that I have not used the "other" nursing cover even once.  I cant bring myself to use anything other than this cover.  It stands away from the body so that I can make sure that I have a great latch, and maintain eye contact with Elliana throughout the feeding.  I also love the adjustable neck, and that it is long enough not to give an accidental peep show ;)  This is the only brand of Nursing covers I will own, and I cant see myself ever leaving home without it!

I also was really impressed with the nursing pads.  They also matched my cover and burp cloth set. They are super absorbent and leak proof (which is a MUST for all nursing Mommas!)
I once again- Highly recommend all Tator Tops products! She makes excellent quality products at a great price!

And some pictures of the wonderful burp cloths I reviewed last time (with Miss Zoey being the reivewer on this one):

Up for Giveaway:
One amazing nursing cover!!

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Saturday, July 7, 2012

My Petite Peanut- Review and Giveaway!!

About My Petite Peanut:

Jennie is the WAHM behind My Petite Peanut. She is happily married to a wonderful man who is in the Coast Guard.The have a beautiful 9 month old daughter, and two furry babies- a cat named Sylvester and a dog named Chunky Monkey. They have recently moved to Savannah, GA from Long Island, NY and look forward to many more exciting moves!

Jennie has recently taken some time off from teaching to stay at home with her little Angel.  She  is a Special Education Teacher, working primarily with preschool children with Autism.  Se adores teaching special needs children. She feels like she is able to really connect with them and be her silly playful self all day long.  

Jennie has always been crafty and has had a love for the Arts. She has enjoyed many forms of art including pottery. photography, painting and drawing.  Growing up her Mother and Step Mother did a lot of sewing, and Jennie took several textiles classes. She remembers making herself a skirt, pajama bottoms and a jacket during her classes. She began to sew again this past December because she wanted to make some things for her daughter.  She had been looking for particular items and when she could not find what she was looking for she decided to make them. She had some people asking her where she had purchased some of the things that she had made, so she began making them for friends as well. From their her business is history.

Jennie works during her daughters nap-time's and bedtime.  She has found so much joy in being a WAHM.  Her favorite thing about being a WAHM is being there for her daughter.  She is able to be a part of every accomplishment and milestone.  She has been there for everything, big or small with a front row seat to the show.  She loves being a mother.  She says it is the best gift she could have asked for. 

Jennie has several new products in the works including a highchair liner (It fits inside of the seat, almost like a shopping cart cover, and can easily be removed to wash unlike most highchair cushions) and an AIO (All In One) cloth diaper (with a fit similar to Fuzzibunz-  Trim between the legs with snaps to adjust the sizing for the rise and the waist.)  Her daughter is tall and skinny (much like Miss Zoey) and she has had a very hard time finding cloth diapers that fit her nicely. She has been experimenting with a few designs and hopes to have these listed shortly.

Price List:
Bibs $10
Burp Cloth $7
Sensory Strip $6
Ribbon Rectangle $8
Changing Pad $25
Onesie $10
Strap Sleeves $8
(Prices for the Highchair Liner and Cloth Diaper are to be determined)

What I thought:
Miss Zoey reviewed a wonderful Bib. It is double sided (one side a waterproof PUL fabric,  and the other side is three layers of a cute print flannel).  We really loved it because we could use each side for different meals. We used the PUL (waterproof side) for nights like spaghetti night- so that we could wipe away a majority of the mess and toss it in the wash.  We used the flannel side for things like drinks, and ice cream treats so that Miss Z stays nice and dry.  It was super easy to use, and super easy to care for.  I was able to wash it with all of my regular clothes too which was really nice.  I also liked that this one was a snap closure instead of aplix... No getting it stuck to the rest of our laundry!

This is one of the first bibs I go to when miss Z eats, and I would highly recommend it for every toddler!

You can find their FB page here.
You can order from them here.

Make sure to keep an eye out on My Petite Peanut's page!  She  will be giving a coupon code out when she hits 150 fans!!

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