Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Crieda with Thirty- One Gifts~ Review and Giveaway!

About Crieda and Thirty-one Gifts
Crieda is the mother of two beautiful littles (A beautiful 3 year old girl- Marion, and an adorable 9 month old boy- Noah). I was lucky enough to have been introduced to Crieda through my wonderful sister in law (Thanks Crystal!!) She has been married 5 years to her best friend, and has been in the Navy for 6 years. She plans to get out of the Navy in March of 2013. She started selling Thirty-one Gifts as a plan to bring in money without sacrificing her time with her littles. She plans to get out of the Navy in March 2013 which is why she started selling Thirty-One. She is planning to use her GI Bill to attend culinary school and start her own catering company.
Her goal is admirable- She wants to provide for her family while still being there for her children's field trips and family vacations. And Thirty-one Gifts is helping her get there.

Thirty-one gifts was also started by a Mom trying to provide a way for other Moms to work from home! This is an excerpt from their website explaining how it all began.
"Eight years ago I was working full time in corporate America, trying to live life with my husband and our two children, managing work, home, church, kids' activities and still trying to find time for myself. On top of all that, I am a girl, and girls must shop, right? My busy lifestyle made it so difficult to find time to visit all of those cute little gift boutiques where the really great products are. I decided it was time for working moms and women everywhere to get a chance to shop on their terms. I prayed to find a way to offer something that would help women like me contribute to their lives financially by owning their own business. It is from this passionate resolve that Thirty-One was born. I began sewing purses with one machine in the basement of my home in Chattanooga, Tenn., and I'm awestruck when I see how far we have come with the support and dedication of so many people. Today, our Thirty-One family has grown to more than 40,000 Consultants nationwide!

The name Thirty-One comes from the verses of Proverbs 31. These words may be thousands of years old, but I am constantly amazed by how today's modern woman can relate to them. The Proverbs 31 woman is dearly loved and respected by him and her children, yet she is an individual in her own right. She manages the home and property with kindness and integrity. Her savvy business skills are partly brought about by her desire to serve others, to do good deeds and prosper. I knew women just like this, and I wanted to find a way for every woman to be recognized for who they are and for their hard work!"

What I thought
I reviewed an Organizing Utility tote (retailing for $25 and can be customized)and a Littles Carry- All tote (retails $12)
I have used the organizing tote for just about everything so far. It has been used to haul Zoey's toys to grandmas house, and as a feeding bag the most. The amount that this bag holds is ridiculous. I was able to bring Zoey's sippy cup, bottle, spoon, bowl, bib, Bottled water, juice, barley, bucket of formula, and her giant baby food steamer and grinder comfortably from house to house on Thanksgiving (and if I might add look like a stylish Mommy in the process!). Crieda had it personalized for Zoey in our choice of font, and thread color, and it turned out great!

The Littles Carry-All Tote has also been fabulous. I needed something for her changing table to put all of her creams and such. It looks great, and holds all of her stray items.

Organization can be cute after all!! No more bulky plastic totes for this Momma!!

You can order from Crieda HERE.

Up for giveaway
One Littles carry all tote (in Brown pin dots), and one Renewable Mommy wash cloth/ wipe gift set to go in your tote!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Sunbaby Diapers- Review and Giveaway!!

About Sunbaby Diapers
Sunbaby Diapers began with the idea of a Mother just like you and I. She was introduced to Modern Cloth Diapers and brought a financially aware diaper line for us to enjoy. The following is from the Sunbaby website.
"Hi, I am Sun pei, a wife and a mother of a 28 month old boy. I am 28, born and brought up in Shanghai, which is the richest and most modern city in China. I knew nothing about pocket cloth diapers 2 years ago. I accidentally found out about it when I was buying baby products for my son who was about 5 months old at that time. My husband and I researched and found out more about modern day cloth diapers and thought it would win a large market in the future. So we began our business of cloth diapers and Sunbaby Diapers were born.
We were quite comfortable financially before we started out our Sunbaby Diapers business. The beginning was quite rough and we really had a hard time selling cloth diapers. Less income, few sales and lack of understanding or cooperation from family and friends led to frustration. When we were almost considering giving it up, we met our partner who runs a small factory. After getting to know each other and discussing our business, we decided to collaborate together, design the products, pick up quality fabric and manufacture them all by ourselves. This helped us in controlling quality, design products ourselves and even reduce the cost of shipping and stocking. All these helped us market the product better and receive more and more orders from all over the world."
Sunbaby only uses quality fabrics, elastics, and snaps. They also only have one manufacturer and distributor of Sunbaby's in China, which allows them to provide quality diapers and a lesser cost.
I know that there are a lot of people that are cautious when buying things that are made out of country. That being said, after reading the information about the Sunbaby Diaper factory I know that I can buy knowing that I have made a sound decision.
"Sunbaby Diapers are manufactured in Shanghai, China. Our city has strict laws forbidding cheaper labor. People who use child labor will be put into jail or fined huge amount money. So buy confidently! Your Diapers are manufactured under fair labor conditions. I am the only seller of Sunbaby diapers in china, I never make wholesale business to retailers in china so that I can ensure that I have a reasonable profit and workers in our factory can get paid well and don’t have to work overtime."

What I thought
As a lot of you already know, Zoey is a skinny little bit. This has made finding a good fitting diaper almost impossible. I had heard from friends that Sunbabys are a slimmer fit, and thought that maybe that would be beneficial for us. They worked really really well! I got the diaper in, prepped it, and Zoey has worn it 6 or 7 times so far. I have yet to have a leek of any kind. She wore it as her night time diaper (5 hours, as she still wakes up in the middle of the night)and again... No leaks at all. The fit was perfect for Zoey. They are not as bulky, and since they are a one size diaper I was able to play around with them to get the perfect coverage. I am so impressed with their performance (and price!!) that I ordered 12 more!

You can find Sunbaby Diapers here.
*Sunbaby also just came out with smaller packages and new prints so be sure to check it out!!)

Up for Giveaway
One lucky winner will win your choice of either the Circle print diaper, or the Doll print diaper!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tator Tops Review

About Tator Tops:
Ricki is the WAHM behind Tator Tops. She makes everthing needed for a nursing Mom. Ricki has been married for eight years to the man of her dreams, Chad. She has three gorgeous little girls, and has been blessed to be a stay at home mom and wife since getting married. She finds true joy in watching her girls grow.

When Ricki and Chad first married Chad was in the military, and after two enlistments he made the decision to move back to his home town and become a firefighter.

After Ricki's second child she became very interested in breastfeeding. She then decided to start a career as a lactation counselor. She has been a certified lactation counselor since 2009.

In 2010 after conceiving her thrid child she decided to create her first nursing cover. As a nursing mom herself she knew the importance of a goof cover. She wanted to create the perfect cover. After trying many covers she knew what worked, and what did not work. She made many prototypes and finally created the perfect cover. This is when Ricki decided this is what she wanted to do.

She loves taking beautiful fabrics and making a gorgeous nursing cover, breast pads, or burp clothes. She has created everything through trial and error, and has found what works best for her in every product.

What I thought:
Unfortunately due to my daughters allergy I am no longer able to breast feed. I do plan on using one of her Nursing covers and breast pads for baby #2. This being said I reviewed one of her burp clothes, and they are GORGEOUS!! They are very well made, and super soft. The bottom fabric is a luxuriously soft fabric, and the pretty side is an amazingly trendy pattern. I love both of them! They did not shrink much in the washing machine, and so far have only gotten softer.

I can't wait to see how great the rest of her products are!

There will be a giveaway to come soon :)

Beautiful Bugs Diapers- Review

About Beautiful Bugs Diapers-
Lesley is the Momma behind Beautiful Bugs Diapers, and over the past several months has become a good friend of mine. She's great to work with, and after ordering from her I have found that I not only got a diaper, diaper cream, and toys from her, but also a friendship.
Lesley is the Momma to three beautiful littles- Cullen, Chris and Vivian, and a Zoo of pets including a lot of fish (2 Salt water tanks full of fish, including Nemo of course ;) ), a dog named Luna, and 15 (yes... this is not a typo!) baby chicks. She has been married 9 years to the love of her life Brant. Lesley met her hubs at a Pet Store she was looking to get a job at. Her first words to her hubs "So you going to give me a job or what." That is so Lesley. :)
Lesley has been sewing for quite a long time, but she started to make a business of it after being laid off as a teacher this past summer. Prior to sewing some pretty spectacular goodies, Lesley taught 2'nd grade, and worked as a guard in a prison among other jobs. There is nothing this Momma cannot do!
Her favorite thing to make are her Sock Monkey creations. She can make just about any animal you would want out of a sock.
Beautiful Bugs Diapers offers quite a few goodies including (but not limited to... I am sure!)
Ribbon Balls
Baby shoes
Diaper Rash Cream
Sock Animals
Stuffed Animals
Toddler Backpacks,
Fleece Soakers, and Longies

What I thought:
I ordered a diaper, and a girreffe from Lesley, and also got a Ribbon Ball, and Diaper rash cream. I loved the diaper so much! It is an all in one style diaper which I have never used before. She made this to Zoey's skinny proportions . The fit was spot on, and it has yet to leak a bit. Zoey has dedicated this diaper her Stinker diaper, so I have not been able to test how long the leakguard is, but it is cute, and works fabulously! The item I am most impressed with is the Diaper rash cream. This stuff was a miracle worker for Z's diaper rash. The day after we ordered them she started to get a little rash so I put some of this on her, and by the next diaper her rash was 100% GONE!! Great GREAT stuff!! Best part- It is cloth diaper friendly!! I can use it all I want!! Zoey has also quite attached to her Ribbon Ball. She loves throwing it, and putting her fingers through each of the loops. This is something we now take with us everywhere for those Meltdown moments. :) Lesley's turnaround time was about 3 weeks from order time until ship time as she makes each item for each customer.

Everything Lesley sent me was quality! This Momma knows her stuff!

You can find all of Beautiful Bugs pricing here.
You can order from her on her Facebook page here.

Up for Giveaway-
Beautiful Bugs has generously offered a Bumblebee ball, and a Ribbon Ball for giveaway. These would be a great stocking stuffer, or addition to Santa's gifts under your tree!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Kinsley River Designs- Review and Giveaway!!

About Kinsley River Designs-
Alana is the Momma behind Kinsley River Designs. Alana is the proud Mother of two- Sullivan (4 years old) and Kinsley (2 in February). Alana learned to bead this past February from her Mother in law. She love creating bracelets, and became instantly addicted. Kinsley always wanted to wear Mommy's bracelets, so Alana started making her mini bracelets. From there she started Mommy and me sets. By the summer she had opened her own shop on Etsy and on Facebook so that she could share her fabulous sets with other Mommys and daughters.

Kinsley River Designs offers Mommy and Me sets, Watches, and Adult and Youth Bracelets. All that is needed is your wrist measurement. She also makes lovely keepsake spoons, and earrings.

What I thought-
I won a Mommy and Me bracelet set from Alana in her photo contest (thanks to all of you wonderful Momma's who voted for Zoey!). I picked the style that I wanted from one of her "Wall" pictures, and she was able to customize it to what I wanted. The picture showed a bracelet with pink pearls and crystal beads. I asked her to change it up and make ours with plum pearls. They turned out far better than I thought they would. They are the perfect size. Zoey has a little growing room, but they are not too big either. She had them done and shipped in only a day or two, and just a few days after winning Zoey and I were sporting what is probably the cutest jewelry set I own. We get compliments whenever we have them on. The jewelry set looks like something you would pay mega bucks for at a high end jewelry store, but even better... They are very reasonably priced and made my a lovely Momma! I had a great experience with Alana!

You can find all of Kinsley River Designs products here.
You can find her Etsy page here.

For Giveaway-
One lucky winner will get to choose between a Keepsake spoon- These are the perfect keepsake for your little one, or a Youth bracelet like shown below.
*All keepsake spoons are hand-wash only*

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Renewable Mommy's Products

Wipe/ Washcloth
My wipes are made of Flannel and Terry cloth. Terry is great for gripping the yuckies, and this makes these a wonderful washcloth as well. We use these in my house for everything. (Wipes, washcloth's, After meal face clean up etc.)
Each wipe is 8x8 inches. They are double sewn (T&T) for durability. I can make any size by request.
$1.50 per wipe (If you plan to buy in bulk I may be able to work out a lower price)

Double Flannel Wipe
I can also make a Flannel/ Flannel wipe. We use these as "pee wipes". They work for all messes, but I prefer the thickness of Flannel/ Terry for yuckies. These are also 8x8 inches. I can make any size by request.
$1.15 per wipe (If you plan to buy in bulk I may be able to work out a lower price)

Burp Clothes
Burp Clothes are 8x16 inches (The perfect size to go over your shoulder) and Terry/ Flannel. They can be made to match your wipes.
$3.50 Per Burp Cloth (If you plan to buy in bulk I may be able to work out a lower price)

Gift Sets
(4) Wipes (Flannel/ Terry 8x8), (1) Burp Cloth (Terry/ Flannel 8x16)
$9 Per set (If you plan to buy in bulk I may be able to work out a lower price)

Christmas Stockings
Christmas stockings are quilted and lined. Each are approximately 18 inches long, 7 inches at its thinnest and 11 inches at its thickest.
$18 (Made in your choice of fabrics from my local fabric store)

I can also make cloth napkins, and babylegs by request.
Any orders can be placed via email: