Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Blooming Bums- Review and Giveaway!

About Blooming Bums:

Michelle is the WAHM behind Blooming Bums. She has been married almost 11 years to her husband Jason, and together they have three littles-  Jacob (9), Myah (3), and Justin (2).  They also have two furry babies, Mommy and Daughter golden retrievers names Laysey and Liberty.  

Michelle started cloth diapering her littles and learning about how many chemicals and toxins we put into our bodies and decided from there to do her best to bring her family into a more natural greener way of living.  As she says: "Our skin is like a sponge- It holds everything"... which could not be more true!  She decided to start making formulas of Bum Balm, and from their Lip Balms and Foot Revival.  Every product that Michelle makes is all-natural: good for your skin products!
Michelle's favorite item to craft is her Lip Balms.  She loves all the different scents that she can make. Her business focus now is on her Lip Balms, and selling the It Works products. 

Prices of the Lip Balms:
Lip Balms: $2.75 each but are on sale for $2.50 each (She runs specials occasionally like 3 for $7 shipped with limited quantities)

What I thought:
I reviewed two lip balms, the Vanilla Almond, and Red Licorice.  I used the Vanilla Almond for me (mainly because I fell in love with the scent when I opened the tube) and Miss Z used the Red Licorice for her chapped lips. I love that I have found a good, natural, Mommy made lip balm that I can feel comfortable about Miss Z using.  She likes the smell and thinks hers is a treat and it has really helped her chapped lips a ton!  I use mine every day several times a day.  It glides on smoothly and doesn't cake up a bit.  I will be ordering more from Michelle!  I know there are tons of more scents I cant wait to try out!

My favorite part (besides the actually using it of course) is the ingredients:

Pure Shea Butter, Pure Almond Oil, Pure Beeswax, All Natural Food Oils, and Love.
You don't get much more natural and clean!

You can order Lip Balms through Michelle's Blooming Bums page HERE
You can also check out all of the amazing It Works Products she sells HERE.
I have not yet tried the It Work's products but I have heard amazing things!  I plan to try them after Elliana arrives to tighten back up! You can find Customer reviews on It Works products HERE.  Below you can also find some info Michelle has provided me on just a few of the It Works products. 

Up For Giveaway:
Michelle is giving away one lip balm in either Vanilla Almond or Peppermint!!  You can enter below!

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Update on our Pay It Forward Giveaway!!

I really and truly feel like we have changed the world!!  After reading some of these entries I am so proud to be a part of a group of amazing Moms that are doing their best to help!
Here are just a few of the amazing deeds:
"My friends are staying in our home for six weeks during a military move."
"My youngest ( 4 years old) held the door open for some one at the restraunt, with out being asked to!!"
"We gave a case of formula to some one that couldn't afford it."
"Held a benefit for a neighbors sil son. Raised nearly $5k towards his medical bills."
"Helped an elderly woman put groceries in her trunk and returned her cart to the proper place for her."
"Babysat my friends her son at the last minute"
"I donated a nursing cover in Fluffy Stuff Trading"
" Gave a friend some clothes she needed for her baby"
" Brought neighbors trash can up to her house after it blew over"
" My kids picked out what toys and clothes go to the provedence home which is a battered womans and children home here"
"Cut my neighbours grass"
"Took a friend out for coffee"
" Bought a new bed for an acquaintance who was without"
" Told a young suicidal man how much he meant to me."
" Found money in the parking lot of a store and got it returned to the owner a very sweet older lady who was so appreciative "
" Helped out watching our neighbors small child while the single mom ran errands"
"Donating cloth diapers to families in need"
" Bought a suit for my friends son, he needed something to wear to a wedding and she couldn't afford it"
"I made meals for a week for a fellow marine wife that her husband is deployed that just had a baby"
" Pulled neighbors weeds"
"Daughter "helped" hold the door open for an elderly couple :)"
" Helped a single momma with her 4 kids getting them all to the car while we were out to eat"
" My oldest son took his Christmas money to school and gave it as a donation for the Big Brother Big Sister group. I didn't know anything about it until after he had donated. "
" I go read to my moms 3rd grade class weekly. I have picked 3 students who I mentor as much as I can who have poor parental guidance and role models in their lives."
"Paid for the order behind me at dunkin donuts"
" I helped a young boy pay for an xbox game, he was $3 short."

And these were just a few of the examples of what a difference we have made!!
I would like to thank the wonderful WAHM's and small business that made this possible! It is because of your good deeds that this was possible!!
A big THANK YOU to:

Beaded By Me For You
MJ's Custom Creations
Bitty Boo Creations
Soaps and More
JT Sky Designs
Princess Ladybug Crafts and More
Baby Bear BOWtique
Fluff n' Stuff Bowtique
SnowBabies Boutique
Pooky Packs
Fluff Planet


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sweetie Peas Boutique: Review and Giveaway!!

About Sweetie Peas Boutique:
Becky is the WAHM behind Sweetie Peas Boutique. She is also the proud and happy Army wife of almost ten years to husband- Joe, and the mother to three amazing littles- Blondie (7 years old) Freckles (5 years old) and Teensy (6 months old). Their family also has four fur babies (two dogs, and two cats). She jokes that sometimes her house is more like a zoo, and I would imagine so!

Becky loves the schedule being a WAHM offers her! She loves being able to work around her littles schedules, (during naptimes, and after they are asleep or at school)taking time to do family things when her husband is home. She also loves getting to talk to her customers. She has made friends with customers all over the US and Canada through her crafts, and really loves getting to know each person she talks to.

Becky has a true love for fabric, and loves picking out different fabrics to pair together for her clutches. She spends at least an HOUR in the home decor fabrics mixing and matching various prints to come up with the perfect match. She also loves coordinating ribbons to come up with new combinations for her Key Keepers. She loves crafting the Key Keepers because she knows how much use she gets out of hers- and knows that her customers will get a ton of use out of it as well.

Becky's family is also working on becoming a greener family (like a lot of us!) She uses cloth diapers for Teensy, and is sure to wash them in a HE machine. Her little's all use Pooky Packs fabulous snack packs and sandwich bags to cut down on their daily waste. They also recycle, and look for more ways each day to go a little greener.

Becky's family is a Christ-loving family and her and her husband to their best to teach their little's about Christs love for them. They want to teach their littles to be kind to others. They want them to live by the golden rule and learn to give to others. When I talked to Becky about what she wishes her littles to learn from her she said that she wants to teach them her generosity... She loves giving to others, and she truly LOVES seeing people smile. She hopes that her littles can look around and see who they can give something to- Not who they can get something from.

I would highly recommend ordering from Becky. She is an excellent crafter with amazing attention to detail, and an amazing Mom to her littles. She is the whole package!
What I thought:
Becky sent me a ton of awesome goodies to review. First I reviewed a Clutch. It can be used for diapers, or for going out. I used mine for both! I reviewed the larger clutch that she makes since we are a cloth diapering family. She was quite familiar with the perfect sizing for the clutch since she has a little one in cloth too. When going out with Miss Z I had inside: My wallet, my cell phone (fit nicely in the sewn in cell phone pocket!), one diaper, a wetbag, and cloth wipes and spray bottle. It fit just right...not to big and bulky and not too small for my needed items. It was so much easier to bring just that small clutch with me than toting around my diaper bag for short trips. I used it while in the grocery store, and quick errands. I also used it to bring a swim diaper, sunblock and keys to the pool and the beach. It kept all the sand out of her diaper, and was much more convenient! Lastly I used it when my hubby took me out for dinner. I added my wallet, My phone, chapstick, and keys, and had room to spare. It was a cute addition to my outfit, and I got several compliments on the pattern. Maybe my favorite part of my clutch- It came with a matching mini clutch for Miss Z!! She carried her Little people around in it and was so happy to have her big girl clutch!
Miss Z also reviewed a super adorable Bow made by Becky. The ribbon is great quality and it is attached to an alligator clip for easy wear. She loved it!
I also reviewed a Key Keeper,and love it! I love the ribbon combination that she used, and it fit my wrist perfectly. I use it every day now to keep up with my keys when I am out. I don't think I could go without it now!
The last thing we reviewed is actually something for Miss Ellie (due to us in just 8 short weeks). Becky was sweet enough to make her a Binky saver in ADORABLE ribbon!! I cant wait to use it with Ellie!!
Again- I highly recommend ordering from Becky! When you think about where you want your money to go ordering from a WAHM is easy! You know your money is going to that family... Well ordering from Becky should be even easier after learning what kind of Mom she is, and what kind of family your order money goes to!!

Up for Giveaway:
Becky has very kindly offered a small size clutch made for one lucky winner!! (12 inches by 6 inches)

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