Friday, January 6, 2012

Crafts and Cakes- Review and Giveaway!

About Crafts and Cakes:
Kim is the Mommy behind Crafts and Cakes. She is married to a wonderful and supportive man named John. Kim and John have one child together- David. David will be 4 years old in January.
Kim got into sewing and crafting when she was a child. She stitched her first outfit at 8 years old and absolutely loved it! Sewing has always been a passionate hobby for Kim. She was drawn into the world of professional cooking and went to culinary school. After she welcomed David into her life she did not want to work outside of the home until he was in school full-time. She began getting out all of her crafting books and quickly began to become addicted to all of the crafting websites. One of her best friends refers to Kim as "Martha". She says Kim is like Martha Stewart and there is nothing she cant do. Of course Kim finds her nickname funny :).
Kim's number one favorite thing to make is (of course!) her own design- The Blankie Boo. She also loves making crocheted hats for people. She donates hats she has made to a local hospital for the NICU babies and Cancer Kids.
Kim loves being able to wake up every morning and spend time with her son. She loves every single minute of it. She says he is so amazing, and so talented, their is never a dull moment. She is also very thankful for Nursery school which gives her three uninterrupted hours of crafty work time each week. One of her biggest pet peeves about being a WAHM is that people seem to think that she can just drop what she is doing and go for a coffee or chat on the phone. I know I can completely understand that frustration!

What Kim Makes:
Some items she makes "undercover" are dish cloths, Swiffer shrugs and bedtime piddle pads (for the kids still toilet learning). And for what she makes and sells regularly:
Blankie Boo's
diaper covers
sandwich bags

You can find Kim's website HERE.
You can find her FB page HERE.

What I thought:
I reviewed her own design- the Blankie Boo.
"I'm sure you're asking... What is the Blankie Boo Car Seat Wrap?
The Blankie Boo is your answer to the heavy snow suits in the car. It's the answer to the safety concerns of parents who want to make sure their child is safe and secure in the car. Blankie Boo is custom made for your seat. That means that I have taken the time to ensure that the harness straps can be pulled through and used properly. Blankie Boo does not restrict the use of the child restraint that is in the seat from manufacturer as it is a light weight polar fleece. The Blankie Boo is also handmade and custom designed with your choice of solid or patterns. Please check out the selection in the photo gallery. Blankie Boo is made from 100% washable, lightweight, extra cozy Micro Polar Fleece."

I put my Blankie Boo on as soon as I got it. It fit my seat a little different than the seat she had at home. My seat did not have two of the side pegs for the elastic to attach to, but this in no way effected the functionality of the blanket. It works wonderfully and is so much neater and easier (and warmer) than the blanket I was keeping in the car for car rides. It wraps around her perfectly. We call her a Zoey burrito when we put her in her car seat now. This is something that every household needs for cold weather. **Normally Z's chest snap in the seat is higher, but as she was an inch from mass meltdown I was just trying to get her buckled in for the picture:) **

Up for Giveaway:
Up for giveaway is the "Froggy" Print Blankie Boo. :)

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