Tuesday, June 12, 2012

SnowBabies Boutique- Review and Giveaway!!

About SnowBabies Boutique:

Rhiannon is the WAHM behind SnowBabies Boutique. I have really enjoyed chatting with her and getting to know her over the review process! She has been blessed with four boys- ages 14, twins that are almost 4, and her youngest is 17 months old. She has been happily married for 4 years, and with her husband for 12 years. They also have one furry baby- a cat names Leichen (from the movie Underworld- she says that she looks like the werewolves.)

Rhiannon started making clothing last year when her sister who also makes children's clothing suggested she find a good hobby. She had a sewing machine sitting in a box for years and decided to take it out and start sewing. After about a month of really learning her machine she fell in love! Her husband bought her a serger for Christmas and it has been her favorite gift! She is constantly looking for new patterns to add to her shop, including vintage patterns- that you can customize in any way you want. The sky is the limit with her clothing!

One of her favorite things about being a WAHM is the fact that she is with her boys. She rarely misses any new milestones in their life. She is their for everything big or small and it has made her bond so much stronger. Her twins started Miracle Kids Success Academy in 2010 due to delays in their learning. They are both progressing wonderfully and they have discovered that one of their twins is autistic. She is still researching and trying to find out how to best work with, and teach her little one. She is very passionate about children with disabilities. She says they are a beautiful sweet and wonderful gift from god. It has been a rough road for their family, but the journey has been incredible rewarding, and very worth it for Rhiannon.

Family is very important to Rhiannon as she is one of 12 children! She has 6 brothers, and 5 sisters! She loves having a huge family, and her sister Jennifer (who was also the one that nudged her in the direction of clothing making) is her best friend. She has always been there for Rhiannon.

Her goal for her store is to provide parents with clothing that their little ones will love, and that will last a long time. As we all know, if our littles love their clothes, we will too! She aims to provide comfortable clothing that they will enjoy wearing for dress up, but will also be perfect for everyday outings. She loves every moment of making these items. She also loves getting compliments on her creations, or the feeling she gets when someone orders clothing from her. Her favorite item she has created so far was a Nursery Rhyme Apron knot dress. She loved how dainty it was! She also really loves Nursery Rhyme stories, so when she found fabric she bought it ALL!

SnowBabies Boutique offers:
Peasant Dresses
Knot Dresses
Ruffled Pants
Ruffled Shorts
Ruffled Capris
Diaper covers
and More!!
She is also working on items for Boys including Ties, Diaper covers, Pants, Lounge wear, and more!

What I thought:

I have LOVED both of the fabulous outfits I received!! I reviewed a super cute dress, and a cute little outfit including shorts and a top!  Z has been wearing both of these items for the past couple of weeks, and they have came out of each wash looking amazing. No fraying, no wear. Just like new. 
She has folded under the edges of all of the stitch lines, so that none of the fabric frays, and the stitching is as close to perfect as a real person can get. They fit amazingly. I told Rhiannon about Zoey's size (she is between sizes and skinny) and what she sent fits far better than anything else she has. We also love that each of these are one of a kind pieces. We have gotten tons of compliments on them everywhere we go. I’m incredibly happy with the service, the product, and the friendship I got with this package :)

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JT Sky Designs- Review and Giveaway!

About Jodie with JT Skye Designs:

Jodie is the amazing creator of all of the fabulous jewelry at JT Skye Designs. She has been with her significant other (Josh) for almost 5 years. They were High School sweethearts and met in their Yearbook class. Jodie is the Mom to two amazingly adorable Furry babies that she treats like her own children. She has a Rabbit (Walter Bishop) and a Corgi (Gimli). Walter was rescued from a shelter in her old college town, and Gimli she fell in love with the moment she saw him on a breeders page. She is also a very proud Auntie to two of the most beautiful girls on the planet- Heather and Kristen.

Jodie started her crafting Christmas of 2010 when Josh's Mother got her a stamping kit as a gift. She was of course elated, and fell completely in love with the craft. She had ironically purchased a stamped necklace as a gift that same Christmas, so already had quite an interest in stamped jewelry. As she created more she started adding beads and wire and really experimenting with different looks. She decided to put her first 3 fully finished necklaces into an Auction to raise money for the Post- Graduate program she was in at the time. They each went for $30 or more. At the same time she was getting some pretty amazing feedback from her friends and family on her Facebook page. Jodie and her sister Tammy ended up opening JT Sky Designs as a creative outlet for themselves, a business, and- as it ended up- an incredibly fun project for them to get closer, and share the ups and downs of their business as partners and as family.

Jodie and Tammy share the same father, but have different mothers. Their father has not played much of an active role in their lives, but through their business they have been able to make up for a lot of lost time, and grow to really know each other. Jodie had met Tammy a few times when she was much younger (2 or 3) but has no memories of the meetings. When Jodie was in College she received a Friend request and a message from Tammy, and from their they began to build a sister relationship that had up until that point been lost in time. Jodie and Tammy have been able to visit each other several times, and Jodie has been welcomed with open arms and hearts into Tammy’s family. She loves that she now has an opportunity to be Auntie Jodie. They have now had a close relationship for three years, and have truly enjoyed their business venture together!

Jodie wanted to make sure that in their business they offered custom jewelery that anyone could wear. She was never into the overly girly jewelry so has really loved making her unique and geeky jewelry. She wanted to offer something that no-one else was making. She loves making bracelets, but when she is not in a stamping kind of mood she thoroughly enjoys making earrings and beaded necklaces that are asymmetrical and bright. She loves watching TV or Movies, and hearing a quote to add to a bracelet, or a necklace. She loves the creative part of what she does.

Jodie finds inspiration everywhere... whether it be Disney quotes, or Harry Potter quotes. She has found inspirations in tattoos- for example Jodie has a tattoo of a dandelion with the seeds flying on her back. She translated that to Dandelion seeds in a glass vial with a disc that reads “Make A Wish”). She finds inspiration anywhere and everywhere she can. She has found herself inspired in both good and bad times (for example her cancer themed items come from negative experiences, but as we all know those items can still have a very positive effect on an individual). Jodie is also very much a kid at heart so she loves all things Disney. There is never a shortage of Disney inspired jewelry in the JT Sky Designs shop! She is also a super nerd, and finds herself pulling quotes from things like Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, Fight Club, Classic Rock, and Spiderman (to name just a few). She also gets wonderful ideas from customers, fans, friends, and family. They have helped her come up with some of her favorite pieces. Jodie welcomes any quote ideas! If you have an idea for a stellar piece message her!

Jodie’s favorite parts of owning her own business is working alongside her sister, and getting to interact with so many people, and receive feedback on her creations. She loves knowing that her creations are all over the world. She loves that her hobby and her outlet is allowing her a little extra money to purchase from other WAHM's. She has also gotten to know a lot of amazing WAHM's through her business, and in turn made a lot of great friends.

A few other Facts about Jodie:

Jodie is 21
She works as an Admin Assistant at Toronto Police Services
She is and avid used book buyer
She is an Etsy Enthusiast
She is addicted to scarves
She is a perfectionist
She loves winter

Some of Tammy's creations:

What I thought:

I reviewed two fabulous necklaces. I love both of them and have only taken them off in order to change one out for the other since I got this package in! Jodie made each of these pieces really feel like they were made just for me. Each of them has a little bit of my personality in them. I have known Jodie for a while through a WAHM group we are both members of, so she took what she knew I liked and created something that was more me than even I could have known. Not only is her work very high quality, but what I got to review are pieces that reflect who I am- Not just a pretty accent to a good outfit.

Jodie can create anything you could imagine. She makes amazing family necklaces, and has also created some pieces for my baby bird. I recommend her, and feel assured that anyone who orders from her will be very happy with what they receive.

I also received these goodies as a Christmas gift last year:

Up For Giveaway:
Jodie is giving away one 6" custom cuff!

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