Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Wild Rose- Review and Giveaway

About Wild Rose-

Ash grew up in a household that was pretty into alternative medicine and healing, so the course of studying herbs came pretty naturally to her. She is a firm believer in self-education so after high school she immersed herself in all kinds of alternative/sustainable skills and crafts. One of the first things she learned was how to identify wild edibles and medicinals. This is when she formed her connection with the Wild Rose. This was the first plant she learned by "intuition."

"I walked past a beautiful Wild Rose bush in full bloom and thought "that HAS to be something useful." Sure enough I stumbled upon the Wild Rose, an invaluable source of Vitamin C, a tasty tea and arguably the most powerful skin regenerative oil available."

Since then she has been a continual student of herbs, aromatherapy and earth skills. She started her first salve business at 19. A year later she became a cartaker on an off-the-grid land project, so the herb business became pretty dormant for a few years.
Ash started Wild Rose Herbs about a year ago after realizing that her personal herbal recipes had become really specific and unlike most any herbal product available today. Wild Rose is a collection of her most treasured recipes. Ash always uses a high proportion (50-100%) of Sweet Almond Oil in her salves and oils to create a smooth, non-greasy skin treatment. She enriches her oils with cold pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil, or Borage Seed Oil when appropriate. As an avid student of aromatherapy, all of her products contain therapeutic grade original essential oil blends to treat the senses as well.
Ash uses all of her products herself (even the man stuff, she loves the smell of cedar!). But, her most used product is her Intensive Care Healing Salve.

"I always keep a jar in the bathroom and apply after washing my hands to keep them soft and hydrated."

She also really loves her Total Attunement Mask-

"It feels wonderful and the scent of lavender and grapefruit is probably my favorite blend."

Her most popular product by far as been my Wild Man Beard Conditioner. There's definitely a high demand for man stuff on Etsy, and she has had the most wonderful feedback on this product!
Ash has always been an artist, and she views the herb business as another expression of that. Take one look at her shop and you'll see she has a very wide variety of products. She has a love for anything DIY and sustainable, so she uses a lot of natural materials and hand printing processes. All of her skills are self-taught from books and through trial and error.
I'm the kind of person that needs to create, so Wild Rose is the perfect outlet for me. I'm constantly expanding and am working on rounding out my herbal line so that I can focus more on my screen prints and fiber arts.

Ash also works as a live-in cargiver for an elderly woman with dementia. The nature of this work is much easier with the help of her partner of 10 years and their big German Shepherd mix. They live in the beautiful Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon, and they are currently working towards buying their own land to start a sustainable living project of sorts.

She is working hard to make Wild Rose her main source of income. Locally, she sells bath salts in bulk to an independently owned natural foods store in Ashland, OR. She plans on expanding more in her local market, but both of herjobs keep her days pretty full!

What I thought-
I reviewed Ash's Acne Face Wash, and Moisturizer.
I know a lot of us have "Mommy Skin" as I call it. Before I had Zoey I never had any issues with blemishes or discolorations, but that all changed afterwards. I get blemishes now, and my once rosy cheeks are now a little blotchy. I had tried just about every natural product I could find to remedy this, with no avail.
Before I tried this I had breakouts on my chin, and forehead. The facial wash smells wonderful. After I used the face wash I realized what clean actually felt like. I have been cleaning my face for 25 years without knowing what a clean face felt like! It felt fresh and rejuvenated. I was a little skeptical when it came to the moisturizer. It is a Dry Oil, which I was not familiar with. The first night I used WAY too much and my face felt a bit oily the next morning. When I washed my face again I used just a bit and it was perfect. I have combination skin so I was surprised that it did not leave my face oily in patches (when I used it properly that is). My pillow smells great now, my face smells and feels great. And best- After almost a week of using this combination I have much clearer skin and my blotches are not nearly as noticeable. My skin looks and feels so much healthier! I also love that I will be able to keep up with it, as her prices are very reasonable.

I have finally found something that works for me, and will not cost an arm and a leg!

You can order from Wild Rose on their Etsy Page, and their Facebook Page.
Up for Giveaway-
(1)Acne Face Wash Soap Cleanser Clay Detox Clear Essentials 2oz
(1)Acne Face Oil Moisturizer Clear Essentials 20ml


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    supplies are bought locally when possible, AWESOME!!!

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