Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pink Bunny Bowtique- Review and giveaway!

A friend of mine is the Momma behind Pink Bunny Bowtique.

Emily is the happy mother to two adorable boys. She loves being able to stay at home with her rugrats, and is looking forward to getting her Bowtique off the ground. She started making bows this year as something girly to do in her house full of boys. She loves making custom orders.

Emily sent two bows for Zoey to try, and they are super cute!! She also sent a hairband to attach the bows too. I had a similar hairband to attach clips to, but this one is far more useful. It has a band to attach the clips to so that the clips do not get stuck in the fabric.

Her bows are made with gentle care and ease. Each bow is treated for fraying, which I have noticed a lot of places do not do. The ends of the bows are just as crisp as the center. Her metal clips are also camouflaged by a correlating color (another thing a lot of places are not doing)

Each of these bows are high quality pieces that Emily has created with a lot of time and care.

Up for giveaway is this adorable bow!

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