Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tiny Tillia- Review and Giveaway!

About Tiny Tillia:

Tiny Tillia started with a Mom just like all of us.

“A mother’s love, captured in a unique, imaginative collection of playthings, clothing, bedding and more for mom and her baby girl or boy to enjoy together.”

A little about the founder:
“When founder Tiffany Lerman’s children were small, she wanted only the best for her little ones —  like any mom would.  After searching high and low for everyday items to enrich her babies’ lives she found that nothing was pure, cute or fun enough to fit the bill. Tiny Tillia  (named after Tiffany’s nickname “ TT”, created by her young nieces and nephews when they couldn’t pronounce “Tiffany”) is the product of Tiffany’s quest to provide the best for her babies. Transporting families to a warm, whimsical world of wonder, Tiny Tillia adds fanciful fun to mom and baby’s daily routine with toys, bath and clothing products for baby as well as beauty must-haves and accessories for mom.
Now the Avon Products, Inc. family is proud to expand and grow Tiffany’s original vision, bringing the magical collection to moms and their little ones everywhere.”
“Tiny Tillia is my third “baby”!  It warms my heart to think about how I started with a few small bath and body products and now the brand is expanding into new categories such as clothing, bedding and toys that will offer parents fresh, affordable and quality choices for their babies and small children.”  - Tiffany Lerman,  Founder and Mompreneur”

The Tiny Tillia characters:
“The Tiny Tillia family of characters are designed by Tiffany herself -  straight from the heart of a mother, and have found their way into the hearts of families around the world.  Kids gravitate toward the sweet animals and their quirky hobbies, while moms love the cute, wholesome appeal of the characters—and the safe, nourishing benefits of the products.
Every member of the family forges a unique, special connection to the Tiny Tillia gang. Moms can personalize their babies’ Tiny Tillia experience with the exclusive baby registry—a fun and exciting place where moms can dream about the little one on the way and the world she’ll welcome him or her into. “

The Collection:
Ever-expanding, the Tiny Tillia collection includes products in the following categories:
Baby Bath Time: Splash around with a waterproof Bath Book, then get squeaky clean hair with Indy Sheep Berry Sorbet Shampoo. Towel off and get cozy with the Bath Robe with Booties. ($5 - $25)

Mom Pampering: Baby’s not the only one who deserves indulgence—get baby-soft skin with must-haves like Mommy Tillia Body Lotion and Hand Cream. ($5 - $40)

Baby Play Time: From plush toys to bedtime books, Tiny Tillia invites baby and mom into a world of exploration and learning. Encourage baby’s curiosity with the complete lineup of Tiny Tillia toys inspired by the animal gang.  ($12 - $32)

Best-Dressed Baby: Super-soft, ultra-cuddly and cute as can be, Tiny Tillia clothes are made of 100% cotton, and make getting dressed fun. Suit up in sweet sweater, precious playsuit, non-slip socks and soft shell shoes.  ($10 - $24)

Nursery Necessities: Lion cuddle mats, Duncan Dog piggybanks, musical mobiles, oh my! Everything you could want to make baby’s nursery special, and more. Personalize baby’s room with favorite characters in the crib (quilt, crib sheet, crib skirt), on the walls (wall decals), and in the window (valance).  ($15 - $120)

Where to buy:
Available exclusively through Avon Representatives. To locate an Avon Representative
call 1-800-FOR-AVON or visit

My Experience-

Tiny Tillia sent me the 3 piece baby bath gift set. The gift set includes a Citrus Sorbet Shampoo & Body Wash (8 fl. oz.), Berry Sorbet Calming Moisturizing Lotion (8 fl. oz.)and Diaper Rash Cream (3.4 fl. oz.). We have used them for almost a week now, and I can say I will definitely be buying more.

I was never a fan of the idea of a body wash/ shampoo combo, but for reviewing purposes decided to use the Citrus Sorbet Shampoo and Body wash as intended, and I LOVE it! It smells heavenly!! I love that it is not oily like a lot of other baby washes on the market. It is fresh, clean smelling, and not at all harsh. I also love how long lasting the scent is. It lasts until her next bath!

I also used the Berry Sorbet Calming Moisturizing lotion to replace my “Babysage” (as we call it here) lotion. Zoey liked the smell, and again, I love that this is not oily. Our last lotion smelled nice, but left Zoey slippery for a while afterwards.

Zoey was on the tail end of some bad diaper rash when we received this package. Zoey is cloth diapered so I added a layer of fleece between diaper and bum and slathered her up. To my surprise her bum was free of ALL diaper rash when I changed her diaper the next time. I had spent days trying to relieve her bum, and this took the redness away in one hour. The only thing I would change about the diaper cream is that it was scented, and that it was cloth diaper friendly. That being said, I will be investing in some more fleece liners for future diaper rash.

This would be a great gift, and a must have for every baby's bathroom.

Also, this set is Dermatologist-tested, hypoallergenic, and suitable for sensitive skin. Zoey has very sensitive skin, and had no problems at all!

You can order Tiny Tillia Products here.

For Giveaway:
One lucky winner will win a Baby Gift Set found here.


  1. I learned that the creator is the daughter of Jackie Collins!

  2. it works well with sensitive skin which is AWESOME because my nephew has VERY sensitive skin so he doesn't usually get fun stuff but it's a private blog, not a company