Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Angela's Amber- Review and Giveaway!

About Angela's Amber-
Most people consider Angela a "crunchy" Momma. She is always happy to find new ways to care for her family in a gentler and safer way. She discovered Baltic amber teething necklaces through a local Smart Mommy group. When her daughter was four months old she bought her first Amber Teething necklace. She was so impressed she decided to start making these herself.

Pictured below is an example of one of Angela's authenticity tests. Genuine Amber floats in salt water, but not in freshwater.

Angela is a longtime crafter, and loves making Amber Teething necklaces.
Each item is hand-made by Angela and held to the strictest quality standards.
"I would not sell to you what I would not accept for my own family."
Angela does custom orders to accommodates any customer big or small. She can add pendants,and any combination of Amber you can imagine. You imagination is the limit.

What I thought-
I received what Angela referred to as the "Basic" necklace, noting that things could be added such as pendants, or different Amber's. I did not think that it was anywhere near "basic". It is beautiful. She has expertly picked each piece to follow the next making the necklace flow like a waterfall. There is a knot between each piece to ensure that if Zoey could somehow get it off there would only be one bead to be concerned about. I also liked that the connecting beads screwed in. This might be the one thing Zoey can't get off.
Now to the nitty gritty: Did it work?
I am all about finding a healthier and more natural way to take care of my family. I was a little skeptical about whether I would see a difference in Zoey. I did notice after Zoey wearing it for an hour or so that she was not having her normal outbursts of crankyness. Cranky still, but tolerable cranky, and not rip my hair out trying to "fix" it cranky. I feel like most moms would do anything to relieve some of the teething pain, and this actually worked! (And all without adding any chemical products)

Up for giveaway-
Angela is going to set up an item on Etsy priced at $0.20 (the smallest price available on Etsy) The winner will be responsible for $0.20 + shipping. You can view the winning item here.


  1. Thanks so much, Jessica, for reviewing my product! I am so happy you liked it, and hope many others can benefit as well. Looking forward to seeing who the lucky winner is! (If the winner would like a specific length, they can just let me know in the "Notes to Seller" at checkout on Etsy.)

  2. I learned that her etsy shop opened June 28th 2011

  3. I learned that along with her child, she and her husband also wear amber.

  4. she discovered Baltic amber teething necklaces through a local Smart Mommy group.
    rondasieg at yahoo dot com

  5. I learned that she does custom orders.