Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tom's of Maine- Toothpaste Review

I am trying to purchase only natural products lately, and in the process have used several products from Tom's of Maine. I have been impressed with everything I have tried so far. I love the availability and price point. I can get their products at all of my local grocery stores, and they do not change an arm and a leg.

I decided after the birth of my daughter that I wanted to provide the best for her. The best means a lot of things to me.... The best organic foods, the best natural products and medicines. This started a whirlwind of changes in my household that are still in the works. We are never going to be a super organic all natural family (girls gotta have some brownies!) but we sure are going to try.

When I started looking into brands at my local store I began to correlate "natural health/ beauty products" and "expensive" as the same thought. Every single thing I found was $10 for a bar of soap. $8 for a small tube of toothpaste. This is when I discovered Tom's of Maine. It was a brand I had heard a lot about, and it was much more reasonably priced.

Right now I am using their Simply White toothpaste. I love it. First let me start by pointing out that it is clear. What color is your toothpaste?? My previous toothpaste was blue, and after thinking about this it disgusted me how many things were added to make it blue?! It is simple, fresh, and a natural tasting mint. My teeth feel clean all day long without feeling like they have a film of whatever that blue junk is made out of on them.

I have also used the lavender soap which is fabulous!! Its a dreamy scent that is perfect for a bath before bed. The scent is calming and relaxing. Again, this soap doesn't leave a film of yuck.

I am realizing that simple, and natural is better and Tom's of Maine has that all figured out for us. (and at a very reasonable price)

You can find information on Tom's of Maine here.
You can find information on the Simly White toothpaste here.

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  1. Toms was my favorite toothpaste until they sold out to Colgate! Im appalled
    See here...

    I'm currently searching for a better natural paste, any suggestions because this is just a mess...