Saturday, November 26, 2011

Beautiful Bugs Diapers- Review

About Beautiful Bugs Diapers-
Lesley is the Momma behind Beautiful Bugs Diapers, and over the past several months has become a good friend of mine. She's great to work with, and after ordering from her I have found that I not only got a diaper, diaper cream, and toys from her, but also a friendship.
Lesley is the Momma to three beautiful littles- Cullen, Chris and Vivian, and a Zoo of pets including a lot of fish (2 Salt water tanks full of fish, including Nemo of course ;) ), a dog named Luna, and 15 (yes... this is not a typo!) baby chicks. She has been married 9 years to the love of her life Brant. Lesley met her hubs at a Pet Store she was looking to get a job at. Her first words to her hubs "So you going to give me a job or what." That is so Lesley. :)
Lesley has been sewing for quite a long time, but she started to make a business of it after being laid off as a teacher this past summer. Prior to sewing some pretty spectacular goodies, Lesley taught 2'nd grade, and worked as a guard in a prison among other jobs. There is nothing this Momma cannot do!
Her favorite thing to make are her Sock Monkey creations. She can make just about any animal you would want out of a sock.
Beautiful Bugs Diapers offers quite a few goodies including (but not limited to... I am sure!)
Ribbon Balls
Baby shoes
Diaper Rash Cream
Sock Animals
Stuffed Animals
Toddler Backpacks,
Fleece Soakers, and Longies

What I thought:
I ordered a diaper, and a girreffe from Lesley, and also got a Ribbon Ball, and Diaper rash cream. I loved the diaper so much! It is an all in one style diaper which I have never used before. She made this to Zoey's skinny proportions . The fit was spot on, and it has yet to leak a bit. Zoey has dedicated this diaper her Stinker diaper, so I have not been able to test how long the leakguard is, but it is cute, and works fabulously! The item I am most impressed with is the Diaper rash cream. This stuff was a miracle worker for Z's diaper rash. The day after we ordered them she started to get a little rash so I put some of this on her, and by the next diaper her rash was 100% GONE!! Great GREAT stuff!! Best part- It is cloth diaper friendly!! I can use it all I want!! Zoey has also quite attached to her Ribbon Ball. She loves throwing it, and putting her fingers through each of the loops. This is something we now take with us everywhere for those Meltdown moments. :) Lesley's turnaround time was about 3 weeks from order time until ship time as she makes each item for each customer.

Everything Lesley sent me was quality! This Momma knows her stuff!

You can find all of Beautiful Bugs pricing here.
You can order from her on her Facebook page here.

Up for Giveaway-
Beautiful Bugs has generously offered a Bumblebee ball, and a Ribbon Ball for giveaway. These would be a great stocking stuffer, or addition to Santa's gifts under your tree!

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