Sunday, October 9, 2011

Rockin' Green Review and Giveaway: Tried and True

I have wanted to try Rockin' Green on my diapers for quite a while now. I was so excited to get a chance to review their laundry detergent and share how it worked with all of you.

To start I would like to share a bit about the company:

Rockin' Green is an award winning company making easy to use green products. These include Laundry soap, Funk Rock,and Shake it up.

The Laundry soap is made depending on what kind of water you have. There is Hard Rock, Soft Rock, and Classic Rock. On their website they have a really awesome tool to find out what kind of water you have, and what kind of detergent will work best for you.

They offer a product called Funk Rock, which is for stripping your diapers, extra stinkies, or pet accidents. This would be so much easier than boiling your diapers, or any of the other stripping methods, and lets face it. The less time it takes the better!

They have a product called Shake It Up as well, which is a pail liner freshener. Just sprinkle some of this in your diaper pail, and you wont smell a thing (except of course the yummy scents Rockin' Green has to offer)

Besides picking your style of Laundry soap, they also have a ton of fabulous scents to choose from.

There is also an great story about how this company started. I can't begin to tell it as well as this does. Please visit here and watch their story.

Our Experience:
We used this for three loads of diapers. I put some pretty rancid diapers in these loads, and Rockin' Green cleaned them better than anything we have used. It also got some of the stains that my diapers already had out. (It was like line drying in the sun, with out all the extra work) I used unscented, and my diapers came out smelling like.. Nothing. You would never have guessed they had been pee'd (and pooped) on.

If you are looking for a laundry soap for your diapers that is easy on your babes bum, green, and still easy to use this is the product for you.


  1. please describe how you washed them - i've had some troublesome diapers that didn't smell clean after a regular wash so i had to wash them twice.

  2. Just wanted to let you know, I tried to post your button to my blog, but the code didn't work.

  3. Hi Christine- I did them just like a regular load for me. I washed them in Hot, Rinsed in cold, and I always rinse twice. If you have a few super stinky diapers I would suggest trying "Funk Rock" I have not used it yet, but have heard from other Mommas that it got out all of their stinkies. Otherwise you might try sundrying, or adding a bit of vinegar to the wash(either of these works for me, but the vinegar is more of a preventative). Hopefully this helps some.