Friday, October 21, 2011

DeDa Studios Review and Giveaway

About DeDa Studios:

Deda Studios is a Mother Dauger team- Debbie Lamb and Dawn Wallace.
They live in a small town in the woods of Wisconsin. They are known in town as “Smelly Girl” (Dawn), and “Glass Girl” (Debbie). Dawn is a WAHM of three children, and Debbie is retired, and living with her soulmate of 35+ years.

They always loved crafts, and taking art classes, and found themselves making art out of anything they could get their hands on.

When Debbie retired they decided to do what they loved together- Glass and scents , going to Art/Craft Fairs being their own boss, but most importantly doing it together as a family.

Debbie always wanted to be a full time artist, studying in the 70's with Arthur Farnham … a sculpture. Like so many other artists her family became her priority. When she retired she could think of only one thing she wanted to do.

Dawn loves being a MOM! She is also a very talented artist. At the age of 12 she had her painting in the Wisconsin Capital Building and was honored by Governor Tommy Thompson. In our home there are numerous works of are displayed on our walls that she has made.

“That’s it ….DeDa is one crazy lady that loves glass and one gifted girl that loves scents! Many people ask us how did we ever think to join Glass Art and Smelly Jellies into a business. To us it was easy...take the things we love to make and be… put them together…
DeDa Studios was born!”

My experience:

I was elated to find out I had won a Deda prize package. When opened my package I was even more excited!! Everything in the box was amazing. I won Wine Bottle Art, a Jagermeister Christmas tree ornament, a Smelly Jelly, and a glass hair clip.

The Wine bottle Art is spectacular! I am a collector of all things different. This fits in my house perfectly! I love that every one of them is different, taking on their own shape. I also love the amount of things I can use this for. I can put my cooking utensils in it when I am cooking (to save from scrubbing my counters later), use it for change, use it for candy, as a dip bowl, the uses are endless. This piece art is a perfect display of making recycling and being green beautiful.

The Jagermeister Christmas tree ornament would make a spectacular gift. I will admit, I was a bit nervous at this idea at first. I thought it would be too sharp for us to use on our tree with a baby bird getting into everything. Debbie has managed to take broken Jagermeister bottle pieces and mold it into a tree shape without leaving even one sharp edge. This will definitely have rock-star parking on my Christmas tree!! I can't wait to see how it looks with lights shining through the glass.

The glass hairpin will be something I am going to get a lot of wear out of. Its a brilliant color, and makes a statement with out speaking too loud.

Lastly the Smelly Jelly. This is going to sound rediculous, but I am seriously considering installing this thing under my nose. (very seriously, if I wouldn't look like a complete fool I would do it!) I got the Citrus Berry scent and it smells fantastic. I have it in my dining area now, and I can smell it throughout the living room, Kitchen, and dining area. These last a whopping 3-6 months!! All that is needed is a touch of water if they start to get dry.

As soon as I opened this I had the most amazing sensory memory. I was young, and at my grandmothers house in the mountains. It was a warm summer morning and we were sitting outside at the picnic table. This was pretty amazing a pretty amazing memory for me.

Up for Giveaway:
2 Smelly Jellies and 3 fused glass hairpins


  1. The oatmeal cookie sounds delicious! :)

  2. My Favorite product is the Jager Tree, And I LOVE the Smelly Jellie's I have received 4 jars and Love all of them. Christmas by the fire, Lilac,Christmas Tree, Pumpkin Spice:)

  3. What I have learned from Deda Studio is they are some very artistic girls and are willing to help anyone out! Very Generous and Kind:)