Sunday, October 30, 2011

OliveiraBags Review and Giveaway!

Mandy of OliveiraBags is a WAHM of two wonderful boys (ages 7 and 10). She is also a proud Military wife of 11 years. Mandy has been a SAHM for 10 years, and in the last year has began the adventure that is being a WAHM. She was great to work with!!

OliveiraBags makes canvas bags, reusable sandwich and snack bags, travel coloring case’s, photo pouches, card pouches, organizers, checkbook pouches, and potato bags.

What I thought:
I reviewed a Travel Coloring. I had my niece help me out on this one since baby bird still thinks everything belongs in her mouth. She liked the pockets for the colored pencils and enjoyed the case. Her coloring area stayed much more neat!!

This would be perfect to bring on any trip, or keep in your car. Going out to eat would be a little easier when you have easy access to a good distraction. The pack is big enough to have good coloring space, but small enough to fit inside a diaper bag, purse, and a glove-box. One of the best parts about this case- It comes with paper, and Crayola Twistable Colored Pencils- Which do not melt. I know most of you have experienced a melted crayon somewhere. … The dryer, the car, a pocket. No worrying about that anymore!!

She started making these art cases for her two boys and they loved them (They are sure to keep one in the car at all times) Since her kids loved them, she began to make them for birthday gifts and family. She has found that using Crayola Twistable Colored Pencils work the best, because they don’t break or melt in a hot car and you never have to sharpen them.

The Details:
This case is made with new cotton fabric, stabilizer, warm and natural batting, and velcro. Each case comes with 6 twistable pencils and a 4x6 note pad. (there is room for two more pencils)

Finished product measures: 5in wide by 7in tall. When open it measures 10.75in wide.
Closure: This case closes with velcro.
All Oliveira Bags products are made in a cat and smoke free home.
Great for keeping kids entertained in the car.
Take it on the air plane.
A must have for eating out.

You can order from OliveiraBags here.
You can find OliveiraBags on FB here.

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  1. I LOVE the chequebook case, learned that Mandy is a military wife. Sadly, I don't know how to grab your button though!