Saturday, October 8, 2011

Cleaning Products and other ways to use household items:

A lovely Momma asked me if I had any recipes similar to the Laundry soap for cleaning products. These are a few things that I do around my house to avoid spending a ton of money on cleaning products (and a few beauty products), and these are going to be more natural.

If you have any other recipes you would like to share please leave a comment. :)

Regular Glass Cleaner:
1 cup Rubbing Alcohol
1 cup Water
1 tbs. White Vinegar (You can substitute for a clear non-sudsing Ammonia for a heavy duty cleaner. This is normally what I use)

All Purpose Cleaner:
1 tablespoon Clear non-sudsing Ammonia
1 tablespoon Laundry Soap (you can use your homemade laundry soap for this one)
2 Cups Water
You can add Essential Oils to this to make it smell nice and fresh.

Furniture Polish
1 cup Olive Oil
1/2 cup Fresh Lemon Juice

The above Recipes can also be found here. They have some more listed, but I have not tried them all yet. The above I have tried.

Drain cleaner:(especially great for garbage disposals)
1/2 cup Baking Soda
1 cup White Vinegar
1 pot Boiling Water
Add Baking Soda to drain, CAREFULLY pour the vinegar down the drain (It will fizz loudly) Plug the drain (if you have two sided sink plug both sides) Let this rest for a few minutes and work its magic. Pour the boiling water down the drain. Its that easy. No more clogged or stinky drains.:)

A few Beauty product tricks

Foot Scrub
Olive Oil
Essential Oils of your choice, or chamomile tea
Mix together until you get a grainy texture and lather up. You can also leave this on for a few extra minutes to soften your feet.

Face Scrub

Your favorite face wash
used Coffee grounds
Mix together until you get a grainy texture. Use to as a face scrub. This will give you a little bronze glow while maintaining soft skin.


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  2. peppermint face scrub~ 1 cup of sugar 1/3 cup of extra virgin olive oil 2 tbs of corn syrup 1/2 tsp of peppermint extract 1 drop of food coloring of your choice just for fun. mix together til all the sugar is covered. scrub on face and rinse off with warm water. leaves your face feeling clean and soft.

  3. 1/2 cup of borax
    1/2 cup of baking soda
    1 teaspoon of cloves and/or cinnamon (cloves help keep our closets moth-free too)
    Or, if you've got pets, instead of the spices, use about 20-25 drops of sweet orange oil, which is a natural flea repellent; be sure to mix in the oil into powder mixture thoroughly and never use directly onto your pets. carpet powder recipe