Sunday, October 2, 2011

Daddy's Birthday- Discovering your real friends after your first child.

My husband and I were very social people before our little princess came along. We went out with our friends at least a few times a week. I was (somewhat)prepared for the loss of some of those friends when our daughter came along. We knew that some of our still single friends were not ready to have friends with a child.

This did not make the last few months any easier :(

The first few weeks after we brought Zoey home we had visitors every day. Our friends came over once during this time with the exception of my DD's Godmother. We knew at this point that our relationship with all of our friends would be going into a totally different direction. But this was fine. Four months went by... nothing. No calls, emails, visits... nothing. It was like they all fell from the planet.

Then my husbands birthday came along, and we decided to throw a laid back cookout style birthday for him, as we knew this would be a good excuse to get everyone together and be social again. We invited all of our old friends. To our surprise they came. All of them!

Perhaps they are ready?

So many things change when you are blessed with children. It has been a real process of finding our real friends, but that has been a blessing too.

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  1. i know this all too well. its very sad, and i have come to find that the best friends you have are your own family. my fiance has become my best friend and i have become his.