Monday, October 24, 2011

Chrystalj1204 Crochet Boutique: Review and giveaway #2

This is a second review is for a very special Momma. Chrystal at Chrystalj1204 Crochet Boutique has a wonderful story that a lot of us can probably relate to. She was working for a company that restructured, giving her two options. Either accept a layoff, or continue with the company in a position she knew she would not be happy with. She was brave enough to accept the layoff, and start brand new. She decided to back to school, and shortly after needed to find something to help relieve some of the stress caused by her new workload. She decided to learn how to Crochet. It was small projects at first, but before she knew it she had neighbors and friends requesting things. Someone introduced her to Etsy, and she hasn't stopped since. She is the Mommy to a very special boy named Cody, and works full time in a clinic with a Dr. She is a talented hardworking woman who puts care and love in every piece of yarn she works with, and man... it shows!!

What I thought:
Chrystal sent me a pair of her booties to match Zoey's sock monkey hat. They are AWESOME! They are two parts (which I was skeptical about at first) One part is the actual boot, and the other is the flower piece that goes around the ankle of the booties. Having two pieces not only makes it easier for me to put on, but it assures that they stay on my baby birds feet securely and keep her little tootsies toasty warm. I can't tell you how many unpairs of socks I have. She will take one sock off her foot, and it runs away. I don't have to worry about this anymore! (Now I just need to get a pair in every color so that she can wear them all winter!!)

These were wonderfully made, and again the service I got with Chrystal was fabulous.

Up for giveaway:
A brown head band with a pink detachable daisy size infant-1 year old.

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