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Simply. Natural.- Review and Giveaway!!

About Simply. Natural.:
Marnie is the WAHM behind Simply. Natural. She is a massage therapist , Mom to two wonderful children, wife to an amazingly supportive husband TJ, and owner of Simply. Natural. Her "go-to" make up product is Lip balm- and after seeking a more natural product she decided to try her hand at creating some... this is where Simply. Natural. was born. She made several recipes before finding the “right” one and began by giving them out to clients and friends- It is history from there!

Marnie has been a massage therapist for 15 years, so working with oils and natural ingredients goes hand in hand with her trade. She loves using natural products to heal the body from all things varying from bruises to colds. She created “Loosen Up” long before SN was even a thought- for her daughter (a baby at the time) to sleep better when she had a cold. After years of using it at home for her family she now offers it to everyone.
Her favorite product to make is “Heal Up”. She loves the fragrance,and her kids know as soon as they walk in what she made that day. She loves the effect it has had on her customers- leaving babies diaper rash free, and adults without dry skin, and even helping with acne. She loves helping people through her products.

A Little About her Family:
Marnie has been married to her husband TJ for 13 years. He is her rock, and her suport. They have been blessed with two littles- Serena (11 years old) and Sawyer (8 years old). The entire family plays a role in Simply. Natural.

Serena created Bubble Up Lip balm, and Sawyer created Chocolate Eruption Lip balm. Both of them get to keep the profits from their products. Marnie has used this to teach them about the natural products they use, about how to handle a business, and about money management. For me personally this is my favorite part about Simply. Natural.... Aside from the fact that Marnie offers a great natural healthy product and at great price, she is teaching and involving her children!

The following is some info about her family as published by Marnie herself:

"Serena: She is so creative in her thinking, writing, and style. She has always been my art room sidekick. When I was messing around with the idea of making lip balm, she jumped at the chance to help. She designed me a notebook to keep our recipes and ideas. We still use it to this day. It wasn't long before she asked to make a lip balm of her own...and without much help Bubble. Up. was made. She created the name, scent, and label. She even mixes the ingredients! All of this has turned into a business for my daughter since she was 8.  She wants to save up her money and go to Augustana College and teach art. 

Sawyer: When he was 6 he watched his sister making money and said~Hey I want to make a lip balm too! We welcomed Chocolate. Eruption into our lip balm family. He also created the name, scent, and label. He loves chocolate, and anything that can this is perfect for him! He isn't very interested in the making of the lip balm, just pay day. He loves karate, building legos, and drawing. I am hoping this business helps teach him savings, and someday he can buy himself a not made out of legos. 

We started this business in 2009, and everyday we learn and grow...but the best part is~we are doing it together. The world teaching me, and me teaching my kids. They get paid from the sales of their products; learning about saving, spending, and putting some back into the business. I want them to be confident in themselves~my young entrepreneurs are well on their way!"

Marnies long term goals for Simply. Natural. Is to involve her children even more- From invoicing to sales and odering. She has a list of products to create, but like all of her products they will be added slowly. There is always something in the works for Marnie and her family. Marnie has also just signed on to Abe's Natural Market- an online store for companies that sell natural, safe products.

How you can order:
You can order through their website HERE.
You can order from their FB page HERE.

What I thought:
I reviewed several different goodies. I tried the Bubble Up lip balm, the Chocolate Eruption Lip Balm, the Summer Crush Lip Balm, the Heal Up cream, the Recover Bath Salts, and the Relax Body Oil. I was impressed with every one.

The Bubble Up lip balm was my favorite of the three lip balms because it was simple, and fresh smelling. It also has an almost glossy effect to the lips that I loved. My husband loved the way the Chocolate Eruption smelled. He said that was his favorite one on me. I have worn the Summer Crush a few times and like it as well. It has a bit of a tint to it, so makes a nice compromise to lipstick... I don't really have time for the full on lipstick routine, so this was a great way of looking put together without spending any extra time at all. I really enjoyed every one of the lip balms, and plan to order many more.

I also used the Heal Up for many things. I used it on some of Zoey's bum irritation (which never got to a point of diaper rash thanks to this stuff!) and also used it on some of her dry patches of skin (we think she may have eczema) and it worked really well on that too. Possibly the most impressive is when I used it for a paper cut- I got a paper cut on the skin between my pointer finger and my thumb- You know the one place you never want a paper cut! After using it twice in a day it was healed be the morning. I think the uses for this stuff is endless!! I will be getting a travel size for our diaper bag later on as well.

The Recover bath salts was also fabulous- My bathroom smelled like a spa! I realize now that I used in incorrectly and it probably would have been even more amazing. I used the bag for three baths, and as I am now reading it was meant for one soak (oops). It smelled amazing, and I could tell a difference in how much I was able to relax in my bath with this instead of a plain bath.

Lastly I have used the Relax body oil quite a bit! I have selfishly not shared this with anyone else, and to be quite honest- I don’t really want to. I have used it on my legs as a after shaving ritual instead of lotion, and as an all over lotion as well. I also use it on my growing belly. I do not know if this would help prevent stretch marks or not, but it has reduced the itching I have had due to my skin stretching. And it feels and smells heavenly!

Up For Giveaway:
Marnie has generously offered 1 Lip Scrub, and 1 Lip Balm to one lucky winner!!

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  1. I haven't tried the lip scrub yet, but I'm sure it would be just as amazing as all her other products! I just ordered some of the LIL Heal Up for my purse and soccer bag! Can't wait to show the kids!!!