Monday, April 23, 2012

Mom's Craft's 4 U- Review and Giveaway!!

About Moms Crafts 4 U:
Veronica is the very busy WAHM behind Eco Fab Mommy and Moms Crafts 4 U. She has been married to her husband for almost 12 years and has two kiddos, (11 year old girl and 7 year old boy), 1 golden retriever, 1 cat, and one budgie. She has been crafting and sewing since she was little, but began selling her creations back in 2002 locally. She started selling fleece hats and mittens, and has grown into what she is today. She loves crafting reusable items like Mama Cloth, unpaper towels, not only because she enjoys making them, but because she knows she is helping save the environment one stitch at a time. (Watch out Captain Planet!!)
Veronica works outside the home for a few hours a week while her littles are in school, but loves being home with them and watching them grow up. Her littles love to help her out with her business ventures too doing things like taking pictures, and snipping threads. She is able to teach them so much through her business's. 

Veronica's family is working every day at living a greener more Eco-conscious life. They use cloth everything, eco friendly detergents (handmade or soapnuts), SLS free handmade soaps, and they have also cut out a lot of unneeded items.

Her goals for her business's are to be able to support her family while helping to support other families become more Eco-consious, and she would love to see her business grow into something for her children. Her daughter is very crafty and loves helping her Mommy out.

Moms Crafts 4 U Price List:
(Qty Disc refers to two or more)
8" Liner/Regular (Top - Cotton, Flannel or Cotton Knit)- $5.50- Qty Disc. $5.00/ea
8" Liner/Regular (Top - Bamboo Velour)- $7.50 - Qty Disc. $7.00/ea
8" HEAVY (Top - Cotton, Flannel or Cotton Knit)-$6.50- Qty Disc. $6.00/ea
8" HEAVY (Top - Bamboo Velour)-$8.50- Qty Disc. $8.00/ea
10" Liner/Regular (Top - Cotton, Flannel or Cotton Knit)- $7.50 - Qty Disc. $7.00/ea
10" Liner/Regular (Top - Bamboo Velour)- $9.50 - Qty Disc. $9.00/ea
10" HEAVY (Top - Cotton, Flannel or Cotton Knit)- $8.50 - Qty Disc. $8.00/ea
10" HEAVY (Top - Bamboo Velour)- $10.50 -Qty Disc. $10.00 /ea
12" HEAVY (Top - Cotton, Flannel or Cotton Knit)- $9.50 - Qty Disc. $9.00/ea
12" HEAVY (Top - Bamboo Velour)- $11.50 - Qty Disc. $11.00/ea
14" HEAVY (Top - Cotton, Flannel or Cotton Knit)- $11.50 - Qty Disc. $11.00/ea
14" HEAVY (Top - Bamboo Velour)- $13.50 - Qty Disc. $13.00/ea

What I thought:
I reviewed a keyper (Keyfob that fits perfectly around your wrist) and unpaper towels. The keychain is really well made and so cute!! It makes getting in and out of the car with Zoey in one hand so much easier. I just place it around my wrist before picking her up and I don’t end up digging through my bag for my keys. It fits around my wrist comfortably, and looks great! I also really liked the unpaper towels. They are made of cotton flannel and are super absorbent (and seems to be even more so the more I am using them.) They measure 10x10 with super clean serged edges and are the perfect size for messes in the kitchen! We are a cloth using home- We do not use disposable paper towels, and these make that so much easier. Think of what you will save without buying paper towels!! Veronica can also add snaps to those that want to add them to a roll like you would for disposable paper towels. I would definitely recommend ordering from Veronica. She got her products out quickly and the communication was terrific. I will be ordering again!

Up For Giveaway:
Veronica is giving away a $15 credit to be used towards items in her shop (found here). (shipping not included in the credit)
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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