Monday, April 2, 2012

Peanut Butt Baby Products- Review and Giveaway!!- Take two!!

In December of 2011 I did a review and giveaway with PBBP. The lucky winner has been unable to use her half off coupon so it will be offered again!! This is your second chance to win the ONLY diaper bag that should be used my cloth diapering Mommas!! Please make sure to thank Kim at Peanut Butt Baby Products!!

About Peanut Butt Baby Products
Kim is the Momma behind Peanut Butt Products. She is the mother to 23 month old son named Connor, and her fur baby 4 year old Pug, Daisy Mae. She has been with her High-School sweetheart for 15 years, and married for 5 years.
Kim started PBBP after her son was born and she started cloth diapering. She carries a lot of stuff, and no matter how hard she looked she could not find a diaper bag big enough to meet her needs. After hours of searching online she decided to make her own. From their Peanut Butt Baby Products was born.
Kim works full time outside the home, and sews on nights and weekends. This Momma works so hard for her family! Her goal is to make PBBP her full time job so that she can be at home with Connor.
She loves custom orders, and seeing what her customers come up with. She has plans to unveil new products with the new year, and attend many more craft shows in the Spring.
She is so thankful for each and every one of her customers!

What PBBP has to offer
PBBP Diaper bags come with- An oversized bag, a diaper clutch, and a changing pad. (She can also do a clutch seperately)

Overnight bags

E-reader Cover's

Clutch purse

Camera Bag's

Kim can make just about anything you could want!

What I thought
I am so so soooo impressed with my diaper bag. For once I can get everything I need in one bag without things falling out every time I turn around. The bag design is just perfect. It has a pocket for everything I need (4 outside pockets, three with elastic to ensure nothing falls out, and one large pocket in the back of the bag, and 6 inside pockets, two large pockets, one regular pocket I use for bottled water, three elastic pockets, and the big inside section of the bag). I love being organized and having room for everything I need.
In the diaper bag I was able to fit:
Hand Sanitizer
Baby Doll
Play phone
My cell phone
Zoey's snacks
bags for stinky diapers
2 Burp cloths
4 cloth diapers
6 cloth wipes
Full wet-bag (after going out)
Changing pad
Diaper clutch
Bottled water
Car Keys
That is a lot of stuff!!
It is exptremely durable and very well stitched. The handle is padded for comfort and is also adjustable. What I like about the handle the most is that if I need to use my stroller it will fit over the handle so that I don't need to bend down to get my things!! So convenient! It also came with a diaper changing pad that is lined with a "spill" proof fabric ;), and a diaper clutch that includes a changing pad and a set of wipes. I love the clutch for going to change a diaper when I am out. It has a snap for closure, and will fit everything I need for a diaper change without having to bring in the whole bag.
Im not sure how I have made it 6 months without this bag!!

Up for Giveaway
Kim has graciously offered up a 1/2 off coupon for one diaper bag. The total price on the diaper bag will be $60 after using your coupon. What an amazing deal!!!

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