Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pay it Forward Giveaway!!

Paying it forward... what does this mean to you?
A small good deed? Something to change someones morning? Day? Life?

A small good deed can go such a long way. Whether that be letting someone with less items in front of you at the grocery store, or giving shelter to someone less fortunate- they can have an equal effect. Something very small can change a life.... or better, save a life!

What are good deeds to you?
They can be millions of things! Holding a door, buying lunch for a coworker or someone less fortunate than yourself, helping someone get groceries into their car, mowing your neighbors yard when you finish with yours, offer to help a neighbor in need, fix dinner for a friend, offer to babysit, the list could go on and on and on. There will never be a shortage of things we can do for each other. We just have to remember to take a little bit of time each day to do something for someone else. Big, or small- Simple or complex.

Share this with our children!
Our children are never too young to learn to be kind. Let your kids participate! Even if they do not understand what you are saying- get into a practice of showing them how simple it is to be a helping hand! The earlier we work on things like this the more it becomes second nature for them. Your sons may begin to hold the door open for an elderly couple, your daughter may help a new mom pick up something she dropped... this is when you will know- You have changed the world. Not only in the deeds you are doing, but in the deeds your child will do, and their children, and on and on.

I would love to see what kind of a difference our group of Moms can make. I truly believe that we can change the world- One good deed at a time!!

Some good deeds that made a big difference shared by some of our Mommys:
“I was coming home from the store with formula for my daughter and the roads had flash frozen while I was out. I hit a patch of black ice and skidded off the road and took out a "No Parking" sign. A guy pulled up behind me, asked if I needed help. I couldn't find my phone (black phone, black case in the dark... not a good combo) so he called my husband and told him what happened and that he helped me and he was following me home to make sure I was ok. I was fine, shaken but fine. The car was fine... But he made me feel so much better by calling my husband. Until he got there 3 people had passed me by... one a cop!”

“I get doughnuts and cookies for my daughter to give to the nurses at the children's hospital. I want to teach her to be charitable.... “

“My sister in law will ask that donations be made instead of gifts... I think by giving one of her gifts away, she gets more out of it”

“Last year for Christmas, I did 25 days of Random acts of kindness! Some of the things I did were: giving hot cocoa to the man who directs traffic at the school zone I pass through, brought cookies to the fireman, post office, and library! I also brought in flowers to the assisted living and asked them to deliver to someone they thought needed them most. I also donated a teddy bear to the hospital for anyone who needed their arms filled if they couldn't take their baby home, and left money taped to vending machines.”

“I try to give baby items to other Mommy's in need!”

“ I bought the neighbor boy a pair of shoes when I noticed how full of holes his were, because his mom had more important things to spend her $ on :/ . I try to always let people with less items in their cart go before me at the store. Always hold the doors open and try to be polite. I donate the kids clothes rather then sell them.”

“Holding open a door for people... especially the elderly or mamas with a baby! This is my #1 rule for my kiddos when we go out “

“I've given a ride to a woman to her job when she missed the bus and bought a homeless man lunch/dinner”

“My family is doing the walk for ALS in June - and more than the sponsorship, I'm really hoping that people will just read about it for the awareness...It's in June and I'll be doing some fundraising through my page as well”

I have gotten some AMAZING WAHM's together to do a massive giveaway with three awesome prize packages. To enter please see the Rafflecopter entry form below. All you need to do is "like" the amazing sponsors, and share your good deeds. You can do up to 4 a day every day!
*The winners of this giveaway will need to have done at least one good deed. Liking the pages alone will not enter you for the giveaway. The winner's entries will be verified for at least one good deed*

Prize Package 1:
Beaded By Me For You is giving away one set of earrings (18 gauge Square Wires Hand Spiraled & Twisted Wire, 6mm two-toned Yellow & Green Round Beads, Hanging from Sterling Silver French Hooks)

MJ's Custom Creations has is giving away one Infinity Scarf and one Adult hat.

Bitty Boo Creations is giving away a hat of the winners choice! You can choose between childrens ruffled brim sun hat, straight brim sunhat or a floppy hat. Winner's choice of fabric.

Soaps and More is giving away 3 handmade soaps!

Prize Package 2:
JT Sky Designs is giving away one 6" skinny custom cuff!

Princess Ladybug Crafts and Stuff is giving away one Gender neutral diaper, and 6 cloth wipes (pictures below are examples of her work)

WeloveUsborneBooks is giving away an Activity Card Pack.

Baby Bear BOWtique is giving away one bow, or a set of bows of the winners choice! (below are examples of her bows)

And the Third Prize Package:
Fluff n Stuff Bowtique is giving away a crocheted v stitch hat, in any color combination and any size with a matching flower clip.

SnowBabies Boutique is giving away a knot dress with ruffled capri pants for sizes 1 to 8 or romper for boys or girls sizes newborn to 12 months.

Pooky Packs is giving away (1) ABC sandwich wrap, and (1) Makeup bag!

Fluff Planet is giving away 5 bamboo and cotton face scrubbies!

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  1. I think this is a great idea and cant wait to know the outcomes, hoping to see more people help out others and see younger kids being helpful as well. I know when I was little I always held doors open for others and helped others without being asked etc. Its hard to find people like that now with everyone so attached to their phones and electronics, not many are willing to look up and open their eyes to others "needs". I always make sure to make a big deal when a little kid or anyone holds open the door or something, telling them thank you and that its nice to see some people still have manners etc. :)

  2. This is such wonderful idea! Thank you for putting this all together!

  3. I love this idea. I am very into karma and I love helping others out. So it is great for you to support helping others!!

  4. Great idea. I thin k you did a good job like always.

  5. Amazing idea! What an awesome way to encourage poeple to help others while teaching their kids to do so as well! Thanks for giving your time and thanks to all the awesome sponsors! Be blessed!

  6. I love this idea! I believe in paying it forward, if everyone was kind and did this, our world would be a better place. I like sharing this with my family too, it is important to take a moment to help someone vs just walking past and turning your head. Thank you, I hope to learn more by following this blog.