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Fluffeh Diapers: Review and Giveaway!

About Fluffeh Diapers:

Catherine is the WAHM behind Fluffeh Diapers.  She is currently engaged and plans to marry in August of 2013 at their family cottage.  She has one daughter Sophie who is an 11 month old fire cracker.  She has two furry baby rescue cats, one with only one eye who is Sophie's best friend. Her fiancée works in a cold storage facility driving forklifts and loading trucks for  large food/fast food companies. He works afternoons, but gets to spend time with Catherine and Sophie in the mornings.  Catherine gets her little fire cracker all to herself for dinner and bedtime.

When I asked Catherine how she got started she said she wasn't even completely sure!  She has always been a crafty and creative person.  She has been knitting since she was very young, and taught herself to crochet over this last winter. When the need for crocheted things dwindled over the summer she found herself looking for another outlet... something else to create. She was walking through Walmart and walked by the sewing machines and that was it!  She talked to her  fiancée about it and he agreed that it would be a great new hobby for her. She didn't even know what she was going to sew when she got home. She started with cloth wipes, but quickly got bored and ventured into the world of Cloth Diapers.  

She loves crafting anything! She puts her heart and soul into every diaper she makes and truly loves every minute of it.  She enjoys the difficult or challenging diaper designs the most. Her biggest challenge to date was an American Flag.  She had to cut out red and white stripes and piece them together.  She says that while it was a huge pain, and took a really long time the finished product was amazing (even though she is a Canadian Momma:) ). She really does love a challenge!

Catherine has big long term business plans including opening her own cloth diaper store to sell her cloth products as well as other WAHM/big brand products.  She hopes to one day help families convert to cloth on a daily basis and would love to hold classes and meets in her own store.  She is always thinking up new products, or how to make old ones better.  She is now working on a new idea for a AI2 Design.  

Catherine loves being able to work at home!  She loves being able to listen to her fiancée play with Sophie in the next room.  She gets to listen to them laugh, and play hide and seek or read stories while she works.  She says it doesn't really feel like work when she gets to be with the people she loves the most while she does it.  She also loves that when needed she can nurse her daughter.  She says there is no better break!  She has not had to sacrifice time with her daughter to be able to do what she loves, and she is so thankful for that!

Catherine hopes to teach her daughter that every single person is special, and should be loved. Her 12 year old brother has multiple learning disabilities including dyslexia and dyspraxia.  He can't read, write, climb or swim.  He has difficulties with everyday things such as having a shower, putting on his clothing, and cutting his food.  He has encountered a lot of less than nice people... people that have been very mean, and treated him horribly.  She knows how special children with disabilities are.  They are amazing, sweet, and extremely intelligent people. She wants to teach her daughter that all people deserve kindness, whether they are a reading, writing, climbing person, or someone who needs a little help doing those things.  She does not believe in looking down on people or judging them and she hopes to teach her daughter to love in the same manor.

Catherine's family moved to England to send her brother to a specialized private school that focuses on helping him with his disabilities.  The plan was for her to join them and go to a University there for architecture.  She was finishing up her year at the University of Waterloo studying pure math and was planning on making the move.  She took a year to work at her brothers old school and help the children with similar disabilities because it was so close to her heart. One year turned into two and within that time she was blessed with Sophie. For right now moving to England, studying architecture and being with her siblings is on the back burner.  She has instead settled into a life of cloth diaper making Mommy and she would not change it for the world.  She feels like this is what she was meant to do and while she does miss her family more than she can describe, she loves living in Canada and she loves her new little family. 

Catherine is just starting up her page and there is a lot of really great things to come!! She will be having two giveaways on her page.  One at 100 fans for a cloth diaper key-chain, and the next at 250 fans for a pocket diaper!  There are a lot of awesome things to look forward to on the Fluffeh Diapers page!

Price List:

AIO's- $27.99
Pocket Diapers- $19.99
AI2 Shells- $16.99
Covers- $16.99
AI2 Inserts $7.99
Set of regular and Newborn inserts- $10.99
She also plans to make fitteds but has not come up with a final price on those yet.

Catherine will be doing her first stocking on October 1'st and trust me when I say... YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS IT!!

What I thought:

I have used a lot of diapers!  I like to try any brand I can get my hands on or can afford. I am a bit of a fluff addict and that makes me a hard one to please.  I have been cloth diapering Zoey since she was a few weeks old, and Ellie since birth.  I have used all types of diapers, hybrids, fitteds, AI2's, Pockets, AIO's and on and on.  That being said I was excited to try out Katherine's fluff, but in no way did I expect to be as impressed as I am.  

I reviewed two newborn AIO diapers for Miss Elliana.  I am so in love with these diapers I find myself hoping Ellie never grows out of them!  They are a fabulous fit, and are one of the few newborn diapers I have seen that has a rise adjustment to go from tiny little ones on up.  We got these when Ellie was in the 6 pound range.  They fit her great then, and still fit her now and 9 and a half pounds with room to go.  It has elastic at the back to allow for a more comfortable fit than a lot of her other newborn diapers, and the legs were adjustable enough that I could fit her chicken legs without having any leaks.  It is the only newborn diaper in which we did not have any leaks at all, and the only diaper I really trust for night time.  We use them at nights for 6 hours without any leaks at all, and could go all night if she was sleeping through the night.  She is a very heavy wetter (as in she pees as much in those six hours as Zoey does in the 11 hours she sleeps at night) and we have had great success with these at night! 

They are also luxuriously soft and absorbent! The inner is made of a bamboo velour, and is layered and stitched similarly to a Bum Genius Elemental, but is much softer, and holds a lot more.  They are sewn so well it's hard to believe that a person did this on a sewing machine!  They are almost too perfect.   I have found myself looking for imperfections in these diapers, and have yet to find any at all.  They are by far my favorite diapers we have owned, and if I had it my way, my stash would consist of nothing but these diapers.

I can't wait to try these on Zoey and let you all know how they do for Toddlers!  These are a must have!!

Up For Giveaway:
Catherine will be giving away an amazing AIO diaper in the winners choice of print.  

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