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Sweet Vi's Soaps- Review and Giveaway!

About Sweet Vi's Soaps:
Jaimie is the WAHM behind Sweet Vi's Soaps. She married to the love of her life, Dean, and they have  two daughters together, Violet 28 months, and Cecilia 13 months. They also have 2 cats, Jez and Reese, but Jaimie says they don't care for her :). 

Jaimie never set out with the goal of becoming a WAHM.  She was browsing the Baby Bump app in spring of 2011 and saw a post by another mom that was making her own shampoo.  She messaged her to ask her how she did it and throughout several conversations she directed Jaimie to a website that has supplies to make your own soap, make-up, perfume and lotions.  She found a make your own soap kit and bought it for herself for Mother's day. She loved the idea that is was natural products that she could actually pronounce, especially after the Johnson & Johnson announcement about formaldehyde (If you are not familiar with this, you should visit here.  They have since finally agreed to remove this toxic chemical from their products but will not finish phasing out the ingredient until 2015!!).  

Her first soap was a Honey Oatmeal Vanilla scent and she fell in love with the scent!  She made a couple and gave them to her mother, sisters, her mom's knit night ladies, and a few others. She still had a bunch left so she gave them to her husband to give to the women at his work. Instead of giving them away he sold them and he started to get more and more requests. She then started playing with a couple different scents and in a month she was selling them in a huge craft market in downtown Chicago. 

She would love to expand Sweet Vi's Soaps to carry lotions and bath bombs as well. Sweet Vi's is named after her first daughter Violet, and would like to have another little section of the business named after her second daughter Cecilia. The business consists of her and her husband.  They go to craft shows once or twice a month, and use it as their "Date" day. Her sister helps out a bit, and is paid in soaps. 

She loves being able to do what she loves and stay home with her girls.  She hopes to inspire them to try new things and never pass up a new opportunity no matter how small, because you never know where it will lead you. 

Fun Facts about Jaimie:

Her Dad and brother play the bagpipes and she is a novice Irish dancer
She is a natural redhead
She married Dean one year to the day after meeting him
She hates driving automatic cars, she loves manual transmissions 
She knows every word to Ob-la-di Ob-la -da, by the Beatles
Favorite movies are Princess Bride and Monty Phyton Holy Grail 
Favorite color is purple, but it has nothing to do with the naming of Violet though, it is a family name. 
She loves Bagpipe music.  She says she gets some strange looks blasting it in the car with the windows down 

Price List:

$4 per bar (+ shipping)
4 bars for $15 (+ shipping)
Soaps are customizable.  She can make any scent in any mold, with an order of 8 bars or more. 

Scent List: 

Relax (Vanilla and Fir Pine)
Baby (Vanilla)

Ginger Lime
Avocado Cucumber

Lily of the Valley
Red Rosé and Thyme
Lavender Green Tea

Coffee Vanilla Bean
Lemon Sugar

What I thought:

I am completely in love with these soaps.  I have been using three different kinds, one in my kitchen, one in my bathroom as a hand soap and a face scrub, and one in the girls bathroom as a hand soap.  I used them as hand soaps because as a mom of two I am CONSTANTLY washing my hands. I am either washing my hands to cook, washing my hands after diaper changes, and everything in between.  Since the weather started changing, I had started to notice my hands losing their moisture but that changed when I started reviewing these soaps.  My hands are nice and soft, and they smell amazing. The scent lasts until I wash my hands again!  

In the girls bathroom I reviewed Red Rose and Thyme.  It smells amazing! Its very floral, but not overwhelming.  I love this scent for a bathroom!  In the kitchen I reviewed the Ginger Lime. At first I though I was going to hate this one as I don't care for Ginger, or the smell of it (or Cilantro... ewww!) but I actually find it very pleasant!  Its clean smelling and fresh.  It fits in perfectly in the kitchen.  Lastly I reviewed the Oatmeal soap in my bathroom as a face wash and a handsoap.  I love the bits of oatmeal in the soap.  It helped to wash away any dead skin I had from my hands and my face and left them soft and smelling super yummy. I definitely plan to try more scents!  

Christmas is around the corner and these will make excellent stocking stuffers or a great addition to a care package for your hard to buy for family and friends.  

Up for Giveaway:

Jaimie is giving away 2 bars of soap!  Make sure to enter below and check out her FB page here!

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