Thursday, September 6, 2012

La BUM-Bah: Review and Giveaway!

About La BUM-Bah:

Shannon is the WAHM behind La Bum-Bah, and the mother to a beautiful Miss Zoe (not only does she have such awesome taste in names that she chose Zoe, but she also calls her Miss Z!  Such a small world!) Shannon is also happily married to the love of her life. 

She started her page when a friend of hers urged her to start listing her soaker's.  She had made them for friends just for a reason to sew, but after some guidance from another WAHM she decided to start her own page. 

Shannon also hopes to teach Zoe a few things through owning her own business.  She hopes that she will understand that you dont have to buy everything in a store, and that hard work and setting goals for yourself really does pay off.  Zoey is the most important thing in Shannon's world and she makes every struggle worth while.  Getting to spend time at home with her is a true blessing for Shannon.

So far Shannons favorite things about being a WAHM has been being able to stay at home with Zoey, and meeting some really amazing Moms.  She has gotten to know other Moms through WAHM groups, and orders, and they have been a huge support both in business and in her general life.  

Shannon is going to be making some new La Bum-Bah products soon!  She has always wanted to make kids clothes, and is currently working on Pinafores, Art Smocks, Dresses, Rompers, and hats.  She really adores making kids smocks, and is excited about all of the upcoming products.

What I thought:

I reviewed a small fleece soaker for Miss Elliana, and loved it. It fit her from the time we came home from the hospital at 5 pounds and 4 oz (she was a little bitty early bird) and still fits at her current weight (over 9 pounds now).  It holds really well over both fitteds, and prefolds, and we use it a lot at night over her diapers to prevent leaks. 

I loved how well made her soakers are.  The stitching is as close to perfect as could be expected, and she sews in an extra layer of fleece where it is needed. She puts a lot of time and effort into making a good quality product and it certainly pays off!

A little bit about Fleece Soakers, and why they work:

I love the usability of fleece soakers. They are used as a diaper cover, because fleece is water repellent, and moisture wicking which allows babies bottom to breath.  Fleece is a great option for babies with sensitive skin as it is more breathable than PUL and still usually cheaper than wool.  They work wonderfully as a cover for any kind of diaper. I use them during the day as a breathable diaper, or at night to prevent leaks over our regular night time diapers.  It is also a great option for people who used disposable diapers as a night time cover.  If you are having leaks this is a great solution!  I love everything about Ellies soaker, and would suggest every Momma try one out!! 

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