Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pooky Packs Cloth Wipes Review:

I won a set of Pooky Packs cloth wipes about a month and a half ago. They have since became an everyday item at our house. My daughter doesn't even want me to use them for what they were meant for... She would much rather play with them. As soon as I take them out of the drawer in my changing table her eyes light up and she reaches for them. I won the "froggy" set. It has a super cute frog on one side, and a matching green on the other side (both sides an incredibly dreamy soft flannel cotton). I must admit, I was at first skeptical because I have terrible luck with serged wipes. They look prettier, but I thought they would not be as sturdy as the turned and top-stitched type. I was soooo wrong.

These get used every day. They have been washed about 35 times so far and they look like the day I got them. They get played with, chewed on (don't worry mommas,I use two rinse cycles:) ) and used for the down and dirty, and somehow they have lasted wonderfully.

Also the Momma that owns Pooky Packs is PHENOMENAL!! She makes transactions so easy. Shes personable, caring, and an all around good momma.

You can find Pooky Packs here. Tell her Renewable Mommy sent ya!

Final Review: Great product, long lasting, and a great Momma.
Five Stars!!

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