Thursday, September 29, 2011

Noteable WAHM's- A must read

I believe it is very important to support other WAHM's. These are very hardworking mommas who put a lot of love and time into making quality products for you and your family. These are not made in a sweat shop. They did not cross an ocean to get to you. They were made in a home just like yours. Another mom who knows what you need put her time and energy into making something that your family can truly enjoy. Your purchase is putting dinner on their table. Helping them take their children to the movies. Really consider buying from other Mommas first. These are some Moms that are pretty phenomenal women:

Pooky Packs- Melodi is a great woman. She is so easy to work with, and shes got a huge heart.

Levi Creations- A Military Momma with a talent for embroidery. Shes fabulous. She also does trivia on her FB page to get to know other Mommas

Jessa's Sunshine Crochet- She started crocheting amazing owl hats a year ago, and hasn't stopped. Her work is beautiful!

JT Sky Design- This is more for us Mommas. She has some really pretty handmade jewelery. She does custom orders as well. This is a Momma that could really get me into some trouble with the Hubs.

Oh Sew Green- This Momma does a little of everything. I have been told shes got some pretty noteworthy momma cloth :)

Little Miss TuTu- Amazing handcrafted Tutu's, and more.

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  1. Wow! Thank you so much for your post about myself (Jessica from Jessa's Sunshine Crochet) and all the other WAHMs like myself! You hit the nail on the head!

    I really appreciate you writing about WAHMs and highlighting some of us. It really means a lot!!