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Quadra Island Soaps- Review and Giveaway!!

About Quadra Island Soaps:

Naomi is the WAHM behind Quadra Island Soaps. She has been happily married to the love of her life for almost 20 years.  They have four amazing little ones together-  three girls (15, 14, and 7) and one boy (9). 

Naomi's sister in law began making soaps for her sons sensitive skin, and then began selling them at her local market. In 2010 she had to move for her husbands job, and Naomi took over the business.

Naomi loves creating any and all types of soaps!  She works with both Cold Process and Melt and Pour soaps and loves the creativity either medium allows. Her favorite scent is constantly changing, but for now her personal favorite is Green Tea and Lemongrass.

Naomi loves the freedom she has to be creative and still homeschool her littles. She loves the close relationship with her family that working from home has allowed. 

She loves when her customers love her product's as much as she does.  She also loves the process of creating her soaps, but says sometimes the paperwork and responsibilities that come with owning and running a soap business can be overwhelming- But in my opinion there is no better woman for the job.

Naomi is incredibly honest with her advertising.  She carefully selects everything that goes into her soaps, but is sure to advertise her soaps properly.  A lot of companies similar to her make similar soaps and label them as "Organic". Even soaps made using organic ingredients should not be labeled as "Organic" unless they have been certified. A lot of companies will label their products as Organic simply charge extra, even if the do not have the certification to label as "Organic".   Naomi advertises her products more honestly than some of these other companies.

"I have lived on Quadra Island for 35 years. I love my home and the people in our community. When trying to come up with a style and name for my soap, I wanted the “feel” of my product to be similar to how I feel about Quadra and the islanders. As each bar is individually hand cut, each bar is unique.
 Although, with it’s rough cut and unrefined exterior,
 our soaps have artistic beauty and nurturing substance to them. That is how I feel about Quadra.  It may not be what some people think of when they think beauty but the wholesome natural goodness is there."

What I Thought:

I did this review a little differently than in the past.  Naomi sent out an very full box of amazing smelling soaps so I wanted to share them with friends and family.  I thought this was the best and only way to really get good information on how these soaps work on different skin types.  I know that for my family they work AMAZINGLY well, but really thought it was important to share other peoples stories.

That being said I used these wonderful soaps as a body soap, and absolutely love them. They leave my skin feeling fresh and residue free-  No filmy feeling and no heavy feeling.  It rinses clean which I love.  It also leaves my skin smelling wonderful!!  The smell of a soap is just as important as how clean it gets my skin for me, and all of the scents I have used have lasted a good while!  We have also used a bar in our guest bathroom, and every single person that has used it asked about it!  They loved the smell and the way their hands felt after washing them. My bathroom smells wonderful and it is a great conversation starter.  

Zoey also uses these soaps for bath-time.  As a lot of you know she has super sensitive skin, and we think she has a mild case of Eczema.  After switching her over to these wonderful soaps, and adding a few drops of tea tree oil to her bath she has had no breakouts (we have been doing this for a few months now).  Not only has she not had any Eczema breakouts, but her normally dry skin is moisturized and soft without having to use any more products.  I don't like an over complicated routine, and this has been a super easy resolution to all of Zoey's skin problems!  If you or your little one has Eczema or other skin conditions I HIGHLY recommend this soap!!

What Others Think-

"I was an avid body wash user, but when I won some QIS samples, I fell in love with these soaps and never looked back. Every smell I have encountered is fantastic and just like the description (Lilac being my favourite) but have since then recieved many of the hand soap sizes and will be ordering for family members during the holidays. I have experienced not only extreme happiness with the product but also with the customer service, I always have a strong respect for anyone who enjoys their business as much as the force behind QIS does and i am always treated wonderfully. For anyone who wants high quality, I strongly recommend QIS."  - Jodie

West Coast Seaweed and Tea Tree 
"I LOVE IT!! It lathers great and smells the outdoors, like you are on vacation. I've been using antibacterial liquid soaps, I'm so switching!! It felt like I was putting hand lotion on my hands while I washed using this soap. Afterwards, my skin felt clean and softened."  -Teresa (Dry, sensitive skin)

"This soap's scent is more subtle. I love the smell of root beer, so I loved this scent. It also reminds me of black licorice. I like soaps that lather a lot and this has an absolutely awesome lathering feels soft and luxurious with plenty of lather."  -Teresa (Dry sensitive skin)

Tea Tree/ Lemon Grass
"It was AMAZING. It cleared up my face which I was not expecting and it made my skin feel smoother. I usually have oily skin but it hasn't been after using the soap for a few months. I would definitely buy more (and probably will be!) because it has worked better for me than any store bought product." - Rashelle (Oily, sensitive skin)

My husbands best friend also tried out some soaps.  He is finishing up schooling as a Naturopathic Doctor. He loved the simple, clean, and pure ingredient list.  After using the soaps for several weeks he is very happy with them!

Up For Giveaway:
Naomi is giving away 6 hand size soaps.  Winner will be able to pick scents based on availability.

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