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Button Scraps-Review and Giveaway!

About Button Scraps:

Desiree is the WAHM behind Button scraps. She is married to husband Mathew for 4.5 years.  They always knew they wanted 4 kids close together.  They found out that they were expecting their first son Christmas Eve of 2007 (I cant think of a much better Christmas gift than that!) and welcomed Lucas Matthew to their little family in August of 2008.They welcomed their second son, Jackson Bradley, in March of 2010, then a few months later they found out they were expecting their third bundle and third son, Micah Lloyd, who was born March of 2011. They are now expecting their fourth bundle September 20,2012 (or so).  Its a GIRL!!  They plan to name her Brooklyn Katie. They also have one furry baby,  a cat named Cohen. He is an orange ginger cat who normally has a lion cut.

Desiree got started shortly after having her first little boy.  She noticed that there aren't much cute boy things out there.  A friend had made her boys baby leggings and a onesie and she fell in love with them both.  She asked her friend to show her how she made them, and her friend taught her a lot of tips and tricks to get her started on her journey to develop Button Scraps. 

Her mom picked up a few very large receiving blankets, which she soon realized was a MUST have for her family. Her boys all loved to be swaddled well past 6 months and cuddle with their blankets.  After making tons of these for her boys and getting requests from her friends, her husband said "Why don't you start selling these?  You can call yourself Button Scraps"  (One of his nicknames for her is Button as well as scrapbooks and finds tons of uses for all of her fabric scraps). So she started advertising her items on Kijiji (a local internet sale site) and making a bit of a profit.  She started her facebook page in September of 2010 and the rest of her story is still being written.

She tries to incorporate Monkeys into many of her products... Her favorite product being the Gorilla wrap  (or the XXXL swaddle receiving blanket). It measures 1 meter by 1 meter (about 3 feet 3 inches, by 3 feet 3 inches) and is made out of flannel.  It is the everything blanket with tons of uses. They always have them on the go.  Her second favorite product is also her second sons favorite, Monkey Legs (baby leggings/ leg warmers).  Jackson used to pick a pair out to wear every day, and at 2.5 he still asks to wear them. They are great for crawlers, and perfect for showing off a cute diaper.  Its also great under pants but Desirees favorite use for them is doctors visits.  There is no need to have your little on waiting in a cold office room. These keep her boys nice and warm, and if it is a dreaded shot day she can just slip the monkey legs down and back up after. 
She also loves her Monkey clips (especially her bib clips which I reviewed!) the snack bags, monkey rounds, bows, monkey tails, chalk mats, ties, wipes, unpaper towels, soap hugs, sippy catchers, and more. She takes special requests for other products as well.

She loves being a WAHM and being able to make her own hours and play with her littles. She also loves getting her little ones involved in her business.  They often help pick out fabrics, request new items, and help any other way they can.  They are just as excited for new fabrics and products as Desiree is!  She will never forget when her oldest son who was still learning to talk at the time saw some train fabric she had ordered he looked at it and said "Mommy me sheets!" Of course he got some awesome train sheets!!  Now that he is coming up on his fourth birthday he requested a new tie blanket. (Star Wars on one side and Batman on the other)  They love helping.... and requesting new items. They are her biggest fans!

She hopes to teach her children to be creative and to enjoy what they do. She wants them to learn a good work ethic, and lean to work hard and do their best  Her boys already love doing crafts and being creative.  It brings her so much joy to see their imaginations at work, and to watch them problem solve. She also hopes that her working from home will teach them to ALWAYS have time for your family. She knows how fortunate she is to be able to work from home with, while still spending time playing with her little ones.

Desiree plans to keep doing what she loves to do and sharing her creative passion with other families.  She never wants to be a chain store, but wants to continue being a mom that shares her crafts.  She loves the "Mom n Pop" small business feel.

Price List:
Remember she makes tons of other items so you can message her for more pricing!
Gorilla Wrap- $10
Monkey Blankey- $10
Monkey Clips- $6 each or set for $15
Unpaper Towel Mix and Match- 1- $3.3- $8.50, 10- $27.50
Wipe Mix and Match- 1-$2, 3- $5.50, 10- $17.50
Kleenex Mix and Match- 1-$1.25, 3- $3.00, 10- $8.50
Travel Wipe Mix and Match- 1- $1.50, 3- $4.25, 10-$12.75
Cherry Put Heating Pad (5x18)- $20
Fleece Cover for Heating pad- $4.50

What I thought:

I reviewed some really awesome goodies!  I loved all of them! Every single thing she sent me was very well stitched, and clean looking.  

First I reviewed the Monkey Blanket.  It is a double sided fleece toy blanket.  I has different color and texture ribbons for chewing and grabbing.  Its like a much better looking Taggy.  I love the usability of this toy!  I can use it with Elliana (almost 2 months) and Zoey (almost 15 months). Elliana LOVES the colors on it.  I can also add the toy looks that she can grip.  Zoey loves to attach the loops to the ribbons and try to attach toys to it. Its fabulous sensory play for both my girls!  

I also reviewed a Gorilla wrap (aka- XXXL swaddle receiving blanket). It is a super huge blanket that we have used for just about everything.  I have used it as a swaddling blanket, a car seat blanket, a car seat cover to avoid the sun, and in a pinch, a nursing cover. I love that it is big enough to fit our every need. I also really liked that it did not change shape after washing.  All of our store bought receiving blankets changed shape after it was washed, but not this one.  This would make a great baby shower gift!

We also used a Monkey Clip Set (included a soother clip, a bib clip, and pant clips).  The soother clip (or Binky/ Pacifier, whatever it may be called in your home) has a snap on it instead of velcro which I really loved.  It would work great with an Avent style pacifier or similar.  We used the bib clip and loved it. It has a snap in the back to shorten the length so that it can be used for a very long time. I used the 8x8 wipe attached to the clip as a bib.  I will carry this with me in our diaper bag for outings to attach to a wipe as a quick bib.  Lastly I am in LOVE with the pant clip.  Zoey is moving up to the next size in pants but they are still big in the waist, this totally solved that problem.  It attaches to the belt loops (or to the fabric if you are using it on pant without belt loops) and tightens the pants like a belt would (just without the struggle of trying to get a belt on a toddler).

We also used 10x10 Unpaper towels which are great for kitchen spills, and as napkins, 8x8 wipes which we used for diaper changes, 5x5 kleenex which is the perfect size for little noses and is nice and thick, and a 4x8 travel wipe which fits great into a travel wipe case.  All of them where double sided flannel and where double stitched (or turned and top-stitched).  They are also in adorable patterns. I love how absorbent and useful these are!

Lastly I reviewed a Cherry Heating Pad and Cover in Neck Size.  I loved this!! It can be used as a hot pad (pop it in the microwave) or as a cold pad (stick it in the freezer). It has a removable cover and is completely washable.  The inside is made of cherry pits, and smells natural (unlike most heating pads).  It held the heat for a long time, and will be a must have for me! Love it!!

I highly recommend all of these products!  

Up For Giveaway:

Desiree will be giving away a wipe set! It includes an Unpaper Towel (10x10), Wipe(8x8) Kleenex (5x5) and Travel wipe (4x8).  You can enter below!

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