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Beth's Baby Boutique- Review and Giveaway!!

About Beth's Baby Boutique: 

Beth is the WAHM behind Beths Baby Boutique. She has been married four years and has two adorable boys- Noah(her inspiration for her Noah shoes) who is two and a half and August who just turned one. They also have two furry babies- Niobi- their Labrador, and Simon their Kitty. 

Beth started her WAHM business after receiving her first diaper cakes when she was expecting Noah. She had never seen them before and loved the idea, so in November of 2009 she made her first Diaper Cake. By August of 2010 she had sold her first collection of diaper cakes for a shower. Ever sice then sh has been making custom Diaper Cakes and baby gifts. 

Beth started making shoes in March of 2011 when her over sized Toddler was growing out of his 18-24 month soft-soled shoes. She still wanted him to have a soft-soled shoes but was having a hard time finding them in a larger size. She then turned to the internet to find a good pair of soft-soled shoes and though she did find some in his size the price that came with them was much higher than she had expected. Her solution was to make her own. She searched for patterns and adjusted them to her needs. She made Noah's first pair. They fit great, but he quickly grew out of them. After making several pairs for him, some of the Moms she knew started to ask her about them. They of course suggested she start selling them. She was super excited to get that kind of a response from people since she never intended to sell them. She was just trying to ensure that her little one got the best in footwear for proper support and development. Her Noah shoes quickly became one of her best sellers. She now has sizes for every quarter inch from 4.5 inches through 6.75 inches. Most of her shoes are made by custom order, but she does have a few varying sizes in stock. She is also looking to expand the styles she offers, and recently made a pair that are ribbon embellished (and just happen to be the ones I am reviewing!) One of her major goals when making these shoes is maintaining affordability for her customers. She offers her Noah shoes for $17.50 per pair or $30 for two pairs. 

Beth is very thankful for her Mother for teaching her so many different crafts. She recently had a very challenging diaper cake order that called for not only diaper cake designing, but crocheting and embroidery to complete. She loves having these hobbies or skills to pull from to meet all of her order challenges. 

Beth can also sew, do counted cross-stitching, make jewelry, knot complex designs of friendship bracelets, and make dream catchers. She does sell many of her other items, but her focus has been mainly on diaper cakes, baby gifts, and shoes. 

Beth considers herself a Mother first, and a business woman second- which I admire to the fullest! She says she does not consider herself a WAHM because she is doing what she loves to do. Her crafts are her hobby and she enjoys creating custom products. She aspires to be a Pet Nutrition Consultant as this is where her passion and expertise lie. She is slowly working towards continuing her education, and growing her client base. She would love to encourage her children to do what the really enjoy in life. Most people cant get through life without working so she says the best case scenario is to love your job, and if you cannot love your job to have a great hobby that drives and feeds your passion. She wants her kids to be grounded and learn responsibility, but also to follow their dreams in a realistic since- Finding something that brings them happiness and sticking with it. 

Her products include: 

Diaper Cakes ( as seen above- made with choice of disposable or cloth diapers)
Burp Cloths 
Noah shoes 
And much more. 

You can find Beths website HERE
You can find her FB page HERE
You can also email Beth directly at

What I thought: 

I reviewed two amazing pairs of Noah shoes, and LOVED them both!! We have several other pairs of this style shoes, but these ones are by far my favorite! Z lives in this style of shoes, and these are my favorite pairs we own. 

She made us two pairs in two slightly different sizes. Z wears both of them, one fits perfectly, and one has some growing room in them. These are leather bottomed shoes, so they are perfect for everyday use, and we have used them both indoors and outdoors and had no issues with wear and tear at all. The only time I have avoided her wearing one of these pairs is if it is raining or wet outside. I love the adjustable elastic around the ankle of the shoe. It ensures that even my super skinny footed little one gets a good fit. They are also super easy to get on and off- and for any Mom of a baby or toddler that is super important. I also love that they will in no way interfere with Zoey's growing and developing feet. She is a full on walker (sometimes runner) but is still working on developing her balance. I do not have to worry a bit while she is in these. She find them just as easy to walk in as bare feet. 

I definitely recommend these to any baby or toddler! They are a must have in my home!

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