Monday, June 11, 2012

Glow Bug Diapers- Review and Giveaway!!

About Glow Bug Diapers-

Sarah is one of the WAHM's behind Glow Bugs. She is married to hubby, Brian, and they have two daugters- Amelia (4) and Gloria (16 months) and a furry daughter (cat named Molly). 

Neta is the second WAHM behind Glow Bug Diapers.  Her husband's name is Arbel and they have two kids as well-  Ela (4) and Edder (20 months).  They also have two furry babies named Melech and Sheva.

Both Sarah and Neta used cloth diapers with their eldest daughters, but after the birth of their new littles they both needed to rebuild a new diaper stash. After searching and searching for the right diapers they decided to make their own so that they could get exactly the qualities they were looking for in their diapers. Sarah had experience working with different kinds of cloth diapers in a coth diaper store, and Neta had years of experience with overseas manufacturing. They really made a dream team- even bringing in Neta's husband to help with all of the graphic design work. Combining the right talents and efforts is how Glow Bug Diapers was born. Glow Bug is Gloria's (Sarah's youngest) nickname so naming the company was very easy!

Sarah enjoys the flexibility working from home allows. She and neta love that they are able to spend time with their littles, and adjust their schedule to fit their famlies needs, as apose to the typical job that requires your famiies schedule to work around a work schedule. Sarah really enjoys being able to take the time to walk her oldest daughter to and from school, and the flexible schedule has allowed Neta to home school her oldest.

Glow Bug Cloth Diapers have been excited to welcome some new products this year- New Limited Edition prints that will be sold individually and they will also offer new Boy's and Girl's collections will be available this summer!

They both truly love what they do, and feel very passionate about making cloth diapers more accessible to everyone. I can certainly say that through talking with Sarah and gettting to know a little bit more about both Sarah and Neta I can see their passion for what they do.

What I thought:

I LOVE this diaper!! Love might not even cover it. It’s a great fit for my skinny little one, and absorbs a ton!! All of the complaints that I have had with any other diaper has been addressed in this one diaper. As soon as I can afford to I plan to purchase more of these for my girls!

Reasons it Rocked:

Double gussets- these saved us a few times since reviewing the diaper!! Z got her Chicken Pox vaccine while we were reviewing this diaper, and it caused some ugly things in the diaper if you know what I mean! This diaper kept all of the yuckies where they belong because of the double gussets!! What would have surely been a blowout was contained in the diaper for easy clean up.

Has a front flap AND a back flap to add inserts- At first I was iffy about this! I have not liked the diapers I have used in the past that had the front flaps. I always feel like I’m grabbing pee when I remove an insert from the front. That being said for the most part I used the back flap…. Until the diaper experience mentioned above… then I loved the front flap since it meant I got to avoid the mass amounts of yuckies!

Inserts have a snap to stay in place- I really think all pocket diapers should have these after using this diaper. I stuff my diapers as they come out of the dryer so that I can just grab one for diaper changes. This meant that sometimes the insert would slip around and not be as flat and in all the corners. With the snap it stayed in place from the time I stuffed it until I changed her into a fresh diaper. This is a great feature!!

Stay dry fabric- I have a lot of diaper that have fabric that claim to “stay dry”, but this one really and truly stayed dry. I used this as an overnight diaper for my super soaker with two inserts. When she woke up the diaper was completely full, her clothes were completely dry, and her bottom was dry after I took the diaper off. Think about the amount of diaper rash I will be avoiding by not having pee sit on her bum for overnight diapers!!

Trim fit- As you all know Z is a skinny little thing. I need a diaper with a trim fit otherwise she looks like a diaper with legs, and waddles around. This fit comfortable between her thighs with not to much bulk. It seemed to be super comfy for her.

Four rows of rise snaps- This means I will get a ton more use out of these. I will be able to use the same diaper for both my girls (when Ellie arrives of course) for a longer period of time. Money saved!

Double rows of waist snaps- This is another must have for us. No slipping wings!!

Strong Snaps- Enough said!! I hate feeling like I am going to rip through the fabric when I am unsnapping diapers… this is not a worry with these diapers!

All in all a great fit!

Up For Giveaway:
Sarah and Neta are generously offering a cloth diaper (either girl, boy, or gender neutral) to one lucky winner!!  

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