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Nelly's Nappies- Review of their UNgiveaway :(

Nelly's Nappies- Review of their UNgiveaway :(
(UPDATE) After originally posting this review in early February I was contacted by Nelly's Nappies. As it turned out she had a good excuse not to get the giveaway diaper to me. She rescheduled for beginning of March, and I have been trying to contact her since then. Still no diaper :(
I was told by the company that all paid orders were sent out, but I know of other Moms who were waiting on products they have won that never received their packages either.
This is something that I hoped I would never have to write. I feel obligated to share this information with all of you. I originally started this blog with the intention of sharing some wonderful WAHM business's with other Moms like myself. I want to reach out to other Moms and show them the things we can order from small business's as appose to buying from a your local superstore. To me the importance of ordering from another Mom, or small business is huge. I try to consider where my money is going- I know when I order from a WAHM/ small business I am helping them put food on their families tables. I know that my $20 at target is nothing, but my $20 order from a WAHM is a meal on the table (and then some!). For me sharing this with other people is so very important.

When I started ordering from WAHM's I was incredibly nervous about finding the right person to order from. I have yet to order from, or come in contact with a WAHM/ small business that was not a honest hardworking company/ mom... that is until now. I do not want people to take from this review a negative view of all WAHM's. As I said- I have been ordering for a long long time, and from many a different Mom and this is the first time I have came across this. Please know that 99.9% of all WAHM's are amazingly tallented, honest woman that are trying to share their craft with other families while putting food on their families tables. That being said....

My experience with Nelly's Nappies-
I won a diaper in a giveaway from Nellys Nappies. It was the type of giveaway that asks for you to post a friend you think deserves the prize and you and that person wins. So a good friend and I won this giveaway on December 11, 2011. I was super excited and emailed the WAHM. She said that I could pick a pattern and she would make it up for me and ship it out. I picked my pattern, and emailed her back. In that email I also told her who I was and offered to review the diaper as well and publish it here. She said that she would love to do that, and our contact the next several days was great. At this point is when I announced to all of you that I would be reviewing her diapers. 

I got an email the next day that looked to be a mass email sent out explaining that she was behind because of the holidays (which I totally understood- I was as well!) and that she was going to send them out the very beginning of January. The reason I say that this seemed like a mass email is the wording. You can see all of that here:

Good morning!
I still feel completely awful about how long it's taken to get your diapers to you so Matt & I would like to offer each family a gift, after the 1st of the year, we'll send all of you an email with prints we have in stock and we'd like to send each of you a diaper. I know it's not much we really feel awful.
You are also more than welcome to request a certain print from if you find something special you'd like!
Matt & Britt Schwartz 
I responded back telling her that it was no big deal, and that I didn't mind waiting the extra time. After the tenth of January rolled around and I had not heard from her I sent her another email asking about when I could expect to see the diaper I had won in her giveaway. After not hearing from her I left a message on her FB page, and she told me that she was having email address problems, and gave me her personal email. Her response to my email then was: 

Hi! I am working my bottom off (almost literally)! I promise that I have NOT forgotten about you. We’ve experienced problems with our snaps and that has put us behind. The good part about this is that I’ve also been able to address another issue that came up during our testing phase!
I just hired an assistant to help me get all caught up, her name is Joylynn and her or I will email you as soon as possible (give us until the end of the week) and we will give you an idea on when to expect your diaper 

I really really wanted to believe that things were just going wrong for her at this point... I mean- we all have those days! I have since responded on January 20'th and 6 times afterwards to any and every email address I could find. I have heard absolutely nothing from them. Not a word... Then after posting about it on their wall I noticed that they had blocked their wall from comments. After reading through some of their latest posts I noticed that I was not the only one missing a diaper. They had posted that they were finally shipping out all of the diapers that had been ordered and A LOT of people had asked if theirs was included. I will never know if they are still waiting on their dapers now because a few short days afterwards she closed her facebook page page. 

They are still selling through a page open online. Please share this with your cloth diapering friends so that they do not end up paying for diapers they will likely never receive. 

I also have some information from a friend that owns a Nellies Nappys diaper:
Good Fit
With two bamboo inserts she did not havee many leaks
With one insert she had a lot of leaks
It did not have laundry tabs (Velcro diaper) and when she cleaned it all of her diapers stuck to the Velcro
Her son could only wear it for about 1 ½ hours before it would leak
It took her a very long time to get the diaper in

The WAHM's name is Britt Schwartz, and the co-owner as listed on their website is her husband Matt Schwartz. 
The website to make sure NOT to order from is: 

I write this with a heavy heart. I do not want anyone to feel attacked in any way, and I do not want any of you Mommas to think that you cannot trust WAHM's. I do however want to stick with my original goal when starting my blog- To share great WAHM companies, and show other Mommas who they can trust to order from. That also however includes who NOT to trust. 

Because I am writing with a heavy heart I would like to extend the offer for Nelly's Nappies to email me a response to this review. I do not wish to give them a bad name if it is unwarranted, or if their is extenuating circumstances. I will be happy to publish that here with the review. 

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