Thursday, March 22, 2012

Country Bum-Kids: Review and Giveaway!!

About Country Bum-Kids:
Trina is the Mommy behind Country Bum-Kids. She is the mom to three children (Daughter- 13, Son- 12, and Son- 1) and one furry son named Frank (Rat Terrier).Trina has been happily married over two years now.

Trina started cloth diapering with her last son when he was four months old. She (like a lot of us) got addicted to fluff, and found herself spending way to much money, and having way more diapers than she needed. To fuel her addiction she decided to try to make some herself. At first she had a hard time fitting every single thing that she loved about cloth diapers into one diaper. She knew she wanted a one size option, and she wanted to offer both snaps and hook and loop. She then decided that she wanted to find the perfect leg elastic- One that could be adjusted to fit the chunkers, and the itty bittys. Trina herself had a difficult time finding the right diaper for her skinny little boy (and I can totally relate!).
Trina's favorite thing about being a WAHM is the fact that she gets to stay home with her “little sprout”. She also cares for another little girl for extra money. She is working towards a goal of being a full time mother, and a full time fluff provider. She would consider that to be the perfect dream job.

Price List:
All prices vary depending on the type of fabric you use. 
NB AIO/AI2 - $13+
S/M Pocket Diapers - $14+
M/L Pocket Diapers - $15+
OS Pocket Diapers - $17+

Some useful information about Trina's Diapers:
Inserts are not normally included with the diapers but canbe added for $2 more and they are Zorb II inserts
All diapers come with white buttersuede if none is specified.
All OS diapers come with adjustable leg elastic and that can only be done in Pocket style diapers. If adjustable leg elastic is wanted in a S-L diaper it is $1 extra.
All elastic is encased and never touches baby's skin
Regular cotton print and PUL print diapers are the base prices. Adding ruffles, minky or embroidery is where the price increases depending on fabric or design.
She also makes wipes, nursing pads, unpaper towels, car seat covers, blankets, pillow cases, shaped pillows, pee pee tee pee's, bibs, burp cloths, and she is starting to make mama cloth. Prices available upon request.

What I thought:
I met Trina through a Fluffy Stuff Trading (Diaper Trading site). I had loved all of her Mommy made diapers from the very beginning. She posted photos of her Captain America diaper, and I commented on how perfect it was, and that my hubby would love to see Zoey in this fluff. Then a few days later Trina and I traded some other diapers. What surprise I had when I opened my package a few days later to find that she had added the diaper just because! I was so touched! Not a question of doing a review, or wanting something in return... she added the diaper because she wanted Zoey to have it. What an amazing Momma!!
I was so excited I could not get it prepped quick enough. My hubby got a real kick out of finding his little girl rocking one of his all time favorite super heroes! He is a Marvel nut, and Captain America (or “Cap” in this house) is his all time favorite. He says the diaper is “baller”! I asked for a more appropriate word- I got an eye roll and a “Super, Primo, Awesome”. Haha!

Diaper Performance:
The diaper is a champ! It is a great trim fit between her legs, so no extras, and seems to fit her quite comfortably. I love the simplicity of the design, and the trim fabrics that she used. The first day we used it for 4 hours, and changed it only because she was ready for nap time (and I did not want a case of diaper rash due to leak testing!) She has worn the diaper 4 times so far- 2 at home day wears, 1 out and about wear, and one overnight wear- None of which have had any leaking. For nighttime I double stuffed the diaper since Zoey has turned into a little super soaker. I also love the fit I get with this diaper- I can get it to the perfect rise, and the perfect leg size for my skinny miss.

Up for Giveaway: 
This is a FFS (Free For Shipping) giveaway for a 12 pack of single layer flannel wipes in winners choice of boy, girl or neutral prints. Shipping  US is $2 and Canada is $4.50


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