Thursday, May 17, 2012

Update on our Pay It Forward Giveaway!!

I really and truly feel like we have changed the world!!  After reading some of these entries I am so proud to be a part of a group of amazing Moms that are doing their best to help!
Here are just a few of the amazing deeds:
"My friends are staying in our home for six weeks during a military move."
"My youngest ( 4 years old) held the door open for some one at the restraunt, with out being asked to!!"
"We gave a case of formula to some one that couldn't afford it."
"Held a benefit for a neighbors sil son. Raised nearly $5k towards his medical bills."
"Helped an elderly woman put groceries in her trunk and returned her cart to the proper place for her."
"Babysat my friends her son at the last minute"
"I donated a nursing cover in Fluffy Stuff Trading"
" Gave a friend some clothes she needed for her baby"
" Brought neighbors trash can up to her house after it blew over"
" My kids picked out what toys and clothes go to the provedence home which is a battered womans and children home here"
"Cut my neighbours grass"
"Took a friend out for coffee"
" Bought a new bed for an acquaintance who was without"
" Told a young suicidal man how much he meant to me."
" Found money in the parking lot of a store and got it returned to the owner a very sweet older lady who was so appreciative "
" Helped out watching our neighbors small child while the single mom ran errands"
"Donating cloth diapers to families in need"
" Bought a suit for my friends son, he needed something to wear to a wedding and she couldn't afford it"
"I made meals for a week for a fellow marine wife that her husband is deployed that just had a baby"
" Pulled neighbors weeds"
"Daughter "helped" hold the door open for an elderly couple :)"
" Helped a single momma with her 4 kids getting them all to the car while we were out to eat"
" My oldest son took his Christmas money to school and gave it as a donation for the Big Brother Big Sister group. I didn't know anything about it until after he had donated. "
" I go read to my moms 3rd grade class weekly. I have picked 3 students who I mentor as much as I can who have poor parental guidance and role models in their lives."
"Paid for the order behind me at dunkin donuts"
" I helped a young boy pay for an xbox game, he was $3 short."

And these were just a few of the examples of what a difference we have made!!
I would like to thank the wonderful WAHM's and small business that made this possible! It is because of your good deeds that this was possible!!
A big THANK YOU to:

Beaded By Me For You
MJ's Custom Creations
Bitty Boo Creations
Soaps and More
JT Sky Designs
Princess Ladybug Crafts and More
Baby Bear BOWtique
Fluff n' Stuff Bowtique
SnowBabies Boutique
Pooky Packs
Fluff Planet


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